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hi everyone. Im a girl. a decent girl grown up in Christian family.

Its been almost a year when I FELL IN LOVE with someone who happens to be my friend. She is caring, loving funny and most of all a kind person.

She protects me, even every girl she is with. YEAH your RIGHT. We are same sex.

I was then committed with my boyfriend (long distance relationship) when I met this girl who I fell in love with.

I broke up with my boyfriend because I caught him with other girl.


and the one who catch me and listen to me, is my friend let's call her MY ONE. MyOne comforts me and help me to moved on, MyOne then is also in a relationship with other(long distance relationship too) with a girl.


until one day, I cant take it anymore, I dont care if what will be the outcome when I tell her I like her, I love her and I want to be with her. happy to say, she felt the same too. All this time, that we are together, as a friend. we both dont know that we already love each other. Days comes, nights comes, we are both happy. every minute we have a smile on our face. We are both contented with each other, happy and everytime that one of us felt sad or unhappy surely, one in both of us is willing to understand and make each other smile.


every night we always talked with each other, thousand of chat conversation, thousand of mobile loads and thousand hours of chatting together, vibing each others, sending funny and cute pictures exchanging of moods and sending videos/pictures.


ahhhh. it's heaven!!! this RELATIONSHIP I think is every girls dream.

but, when time came that I and She cant hide this sweetness anymore, those smiles that automatically appears every time we think of each others. Friends and co-leagues already thought we we had a commitment of course they really shocked and wondered about me. But you know what? I DON'T CARE WHAT THEY SAY, IM IN LOVE WITH HER.


Until my family heard about this, and they got very very disappointed of me. all the trust they had for me was vanished in a second. That night was the most terrifying night for me. My brother hit me on my face. he slapped me and shouted me to wake up in reality and he said that this cant be!


My mom who was always there to support me before, didn't say anything. She just bow her head down and she cried. AND IT REALLY BROKES MY HEART. They didn't talk to me for the couple of weeks. Until I told them that I already broke up with MyOne.


They explained everything to me, and I know that they are right, I know that its true. I prayed to God to make all things right between me and MyOne. I cried almost every night and everytime that I talked to God.



Until now, its been half a year, when I tell MyOne what happened when my family figured out that we are committed.


I still love her.

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So are you still with her? What's going on now w/ your family? When you say you prayed to make things right w/ her, were you praying that your family would be accepting of your relationship or that you wouldn't love her anymore or something else? Trying to understand.

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