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Does she like me or am I going crazy!?!?!?


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Girl at work, I'm not sure if she likes me or just being friendly. Call her Lisa. All paragraphs are separate days.


She was looking at me from about 30 yards away, she was also talking to another girl and that girl was also making eye contact whilst Lisa, I think was breaking eye contact, not sure but still talking to the other girl. Lisa does other things like checking her appearance i.e. shuffling her clothes when she was walking up the stairs behind me, backing me up saying we're both hot/warm, joking a little, laughing. Acknowledged me with a "hiya" and smile during my break when I went down to the sales floor, she'd just walked past other staff and customers with no reaction, as far as I could tell.


3 people including me, were looking at the shift plan and Lisa was on the other side of the desk. When the other 2 people left I looked and she decided to say "can you pass me the food book from the tray please, Steve?" - I did but why she needed to say my name I don't know as I was the only one there. I asked her a question and she was fumbling a little, couldn't remember the persons name and I joked about it. Then we walked around the store trying to find this person and laughed when we couldn't them.


Conversation about xmas hours and my dogs, she wanted to know different things about them. I told her my dog is acting like the donkey off the game 'buckaroo' which she laughed really loud and we both told each other when we're in work next, said speak later and left as her phone was ringing. Went to the charity guy and gave £5, she came over, gave him the phone, but her whole body language (feet, body, head, etc) was always facing me and she said "aww" as I was giving the money to charity. Bye again and left.

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