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I like a boy but there's an issue


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So hi. I've been interested in this guy ever since I've first laid eyes on him back in 7th grade. I'm 18 years old now, and out of school and he's still like, in my life. Anyway, I'm having a little bit of trouble with this situation I'm about to tell you about. For one, and for two, I need advice.

So, here it is..... Recently him and his girlfriend had broken up, bout a couple weekends ago, and they still talk, they're still friends and everything. It was kind of a mutual break up but anyway, she had told him "I'd like to get back together once I get my together" and he told me that he really hopes that happens because she's awesome. Well what puzzles me is that he invited me over to stay with him last night and I did. We watched a couple movies and he passed out for a bit. He woke up and decided we move to his bed. Nothing happened, other than like me rubbing his shoulder and him doing the same for me. Is he interested in me, or what? I'm so confused. And sad today.

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Yeah, I agree with Thorshammer. He finds you attractive, but be really, really leery about where his head and heart are out. He just broke up with his girlfriend, they are still in contact, and whether it's just lip service or not they've both agreed to wait for each other or find each other again. That means he isn't fully 100 percent on-deck free and clear just yet. And you are to some degree right or wrong inserting yourself between them at a point where they haven't fully let each other go yet.


Maybe get to know him, date him, but don't get exclusive and don't just hand your heart over right away. Also keep in mind that you can want someone from afar for years and then the fantasy turns out to be not all that. It happened with my first major crush and I was so disappointed. Go slow, continue to date other guys, see if he's really over her and ready to move on. And once he gets to know you speak up about what you want and find out if he's just having fun playing the field or if there's something more he wants. Someone can find you attractive and want to date you, even have sex with you, and yet have zero interest or intention is ever having a full relationship. And that goes for women as well as men.


Most of the time right after a breakup the last thing someone wants to do is rush into another relationship and often even if they do, it doesn't last because it was for the wrong reasons. I hope it all works out for you, but keep your head about you and your eyes open is all I'm saying. He's way too fresh off of a breakup to be relationship material just yet.


If it was me personally I'd give it at least three to six months or more depending on how long he was with his ex-girlfriend plus his young age.

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he probably has known you like him for a while, and well, now that he's single you are comfortable to him: no hardcore chasing, low heartbreak risk (for him), everything he needs while he mends his heart. watch it when he says he'd get back with his ex, because if he gets the chance, he will.


and listen to ParisPaullette.

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