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Me and my ex broke up. See "after 2.5 months...feeling a loss" in break-ups and divorce for the background. I put off dealing with the pain at the start and i tried contacting her recently and she got nasty.


Last night I had a dream that I went to her house to get my stuff. I was folding clothes and some guy says, from her room "what's going on out there?". Her mother was sitting on the couch, looked at me and said "don't get upset, you brought this on".


Not the best way to wake-up on a Sunday. I text her and said "I dreamed about you last night I guess I lost you. It hurts. I'll try to learn from my mistakes. Chatting and hearing about you won't help me move on, if you already have. Sorry for anything I did to contribute to it not working out. Goodbye and goodluck."


Sucks because it's a Sunday morning and I'm thinking she went out last night. ughh

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