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I lost touch with a girl acquaintance I knew. She knows I like her but I dropped out of contact due to personal issues and I didn't want to trouble her.


I saw her again a couple months ago and her response was cold. I think she has a bad impression of me. I am a little awkward. I might have acted a touch affronted, but I think I get it now.


A lot has changed for me since, for the better, and I just thought of her.


We used to be in contact over facebook, however, I no longer use it. If I have her email, it's from a group thing way back. I do have her business email as she's a semi-professional artist.


If I got the chance, I'd like to compliment her latest work (which I saw and think is amazing) and casually ask how she's been. I'd like to give her the chance to get back to be in touch if she wants. It feels creepy using the email on her art page. Is it maybe fine it I keep it on point? My motivation is merely platonic as I'd like to know her again, if that makes any sense.


I probably won't do this. I'm likely just asking hypothetically.

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I would think that asking how someone has been would come before complimenting them.


If she does not like you, then she simply will not respond to you asking how she is doing.


If you compliment her first, then she could incorrectly perceive your intentions.


And, to be honest, I would not make the attempt at reconnecting with someone who responded to me coldly.

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Pardon me, yes, I mean more remarking on the work briefly. More so because of the means of contact.


Not sure if she liked me. Maybe before I dropped out of contact, but I have my reasons.


Maybe better in person if I ever see her again.

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We used to be in contact over facebook, however, I no longer use it.


But do you still have an account?


Everyone on facebook has a fb email address even if they don't use it.


If you go to her facebook page and her url is (for example) [link removed then her facebook email address should be [link removed[/color].


Your email will go to her fb messages page.

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