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I have no idea how to proceed


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I'll make this short. we met around Oct 18, @ a bar. we met up the next week at another bar.

we have gone to:

a double date

watch a movie

2 dinners


but every time I get her to go out with me it seems like she has said no to me like 4 times. So for every 4 times I ask her out she agrees 1 time.


We have been making out since the first day we met, but haven't gone further.


She says she likes me, and get jealous when I go out to bars, she usually texts me the next day asking if i hooked up with any girls. She also told me that she sees us going somewhere, and she kinda likes it when I get jealous


everyone tells me that she is just using me for the attention but they don't know her. what you guys thought?

should I keep inviting her places? does she just use me for when there is no one to hangout with ?



I invited her out to a bar yesterday, but she said no cause it was too cold. I want to see her tonight should I ask her to do something? or will it seem needy?



thanks for reading this! any help would be amazing !!!!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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