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Anyone know how to help with bad dreams?

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I've been having a lot of bad dreams lately. There was one about being at my exes house, walking inside his bedroom and him being in the bed smiling, like normal, but it scared me. And then I walk around the place crying desperately, seeing how his house has changed since I have left. I have had a few like this where I go back there and cry in this way.


I also had one last night where I saw a child and he looked just like my brother, who has passed away. And I was feeling very very emotionally upset looking at this child's face. As if I had lost my mind or something-a similar type of feeling to the dreams of my ex but actually worse.


I used to have a lot of bad dreams whilst with my ex where he would wake me up because I was saying things in my sleep. I would say things like "No, no, no" and "I'm going to kill you". But in my dreams I was having trouble getting the worlds out- I have a lot like that, where I can't say what I want and it's very frustrating. I think in these dreams I am saying things aloud in reality, in a mumble. I should point out if you don't know me threads, my ex was emotionally abusive, so these dreams may be a bit connected to that. I had a lot about my brother then too. I would always discuss these with my ex...


I'm worried about the dreams. I feel bad in my waking life anyway but the dreams always make my day worse. They are nightmares. But they are real, they're what is happening in my life. That is why they scare me so much.

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before I say anything , my take on things is a spiritual one , so if I am not your cup pf tea then please just ignore my words .


I also had one last night where I saw a child and he looked just like my brother, who has passed away.


I believe that was your brother and this is the only way to communicate , through dreams ...he may have been there just to offer you comfort because he knows you are having a hard time in life , and wants you to know he is watching over you .


before you go to sleep ask the angels to help you sleep peacefully and without fear , and also talk to your brother ..thank him for coming to see you , he wouldnt want to frighten you.

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You may be at a point where you are processing out levels of your psyche which know that the connection with this abusive ex are severed and your unconscious is trying to get the message through to your conscious that it is about done with the work.


Dreams about houses have to do with dreams about oneself--the various rooms have to do with aspects of one's self. See if you can find a good dream interpretation site/program online. There are lots of them out there. Perhaps shooting star knows of a really good one?

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Sorry to hear of the loss of your brother, Crying....

Not sure of your ages or how long ago it was?


Sometimes, as I understand it, it's the mind's way of 'sorting things out' after each day. And things can become 'jumbled'. But i think you're dreaming of these things because he is 'in your thoughts', so as the mind is sorting & putting things in order & to memory, of course your brother is there.

And of course, you have come to live with such a sadness with his loss.


I had a rough upbringing with foster parents etc.. and I came to realize, on my own, that I have dreams with my kids in it, and I'm always trying to 'protect' them. There's always something bad happening in them, so I understand this is 'why' i dream with them in it that way.... fear & protecting THEM.

As well, I do dream of my ex.. and they are often 'sad' ones. Working on 'walking away' as I TRY to 'accept' my loss..yet again.


I think what shooting start ^^ has said.. is very nice. In life, sadly we do come to lose ones we love.

When you wake up & feel 'out of sorts', just remember what she's said. He IS very near to you...


take care

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I hope it is "sorting thing out". I have felt pretty all over the place today because of the dreams.


My brother passed away 20 months ago or something like that. He was 23. I am a couple years older than him.


I sometimes feel really overwhelmed by having the grief or that and of this relationship ending-as well as the relationship being emotionally abusive. I don't know how to process it all at once. It feels like far too much to deal with.


It does make me realise I was vulnerable when I met the ex. I really was, I wouldn't have gone out with him otherwise I think. I just wanted some happiness and i took what was offered and then I paid the massive price haha. It also makes me realise it is not the end of the world this relationship ending, he has not died he's still out there and neither am I. There are worse things...that I do know. The way my ex has treated me is actually quite evil. It upsets me very much that someone would mess around with me when I am vulnerable and it has been so difficult coming to terms with that and still being in love with my ex. But we still have a future. We have a chance to change. Both of us.


My brother doesn't have any future. And he certainly did not deserve that. I get a similar feeling of unfairness for that and for the way my ex has treated me. There seems to be a lot of harsh truths happening to me lately. I think I probably prefer to live in a little fantasy world because I've had quite a lot of trying times in my life. But it never works, there's always more harsh truths. Life certainly scares me.

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