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Ok here is the deal. Broke up with my ex close to a month ago.

We were together for 6 months.

Her last relationship was back in November.

She broke up with him cause he was continuously doing pills and apparently heroin.

They have a kid together. And were engaged and together for 4 years.

She ended up cheating on him with another guy who was a mutual friend of both of theirs and she eventually started therapy and then broke up with him.


I came into her picture a few months later. Maybe 2 months. I had a fling with her years prior. So we got to talking one night for hours on how our life's had gone since .


I'm a single father who has full custody


Anyways we hung out one night and got a little hot and heavy.


Went back to no contact for a while.


Reach out once and awhile. She told me she wanted to be friends to start.


So we hung out one day. And then went back to no contact again.


One night we end up hanging out at her house and get all drunk. And sleep together.


It just ran after that. We started hanging out all the time. Sleeping together. Got the kids introduced to each other fast mved in together quick with them.


We drank a lot together. Well anyways two months prior to breaking up. The guy she cheated on her ex started texting her and she would just try n be nice.


She would show me. I'd get mad.


I started snooping on her phone checking phone records.


Every conversation would end up in a fight .


One night all drunk we got into a fight.


I left two days later. We agreed to seek separate counseling with the goal to eventually go together.


Well a week later she went out to her exs bday at the bar. He admitted he had cleaned up his act. She told him the truth about the infidelity. And now she wants nothing to do with me. Other then the promise if it doesn't work out she will look me up. What do i do?

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I would say leave this situation completely, stop drinking ans seeing that toxic woman. You have a kid, that needs you to be fine.


I have taken the initiative to quit drinking. Its been a month.


But why even after all of this do I keep romanticize the whole thing and remembering all the good things and not looking at the bad?


I told her yesterday to block me on her phone so I won't feel the need to text her.


Her response was. I'm not going to block you.

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It's been 7 days without any phone contact. I do have to see her at the bus stop everyday though being I'm waiting till the end of the school year to pull my daughter out of the school cause where I'm at is a different district.


We are being cordial for the kid's sake at least.


We put them into this.

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