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how come I am still angry at this guy and can't let the grudge go?


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It's been 5 years and I am still angry at him for how rude he was to me and I can't let it go. We were coworkers at afterschool program and we somehow became closer friends. He was somewhat cocky person, but Being cocky is one thing and being rude is another thing. One time I asked him who this guy was on the work schedule; he was our coworker but I don't recall his name. I just said who is he? Oh is he that guy who works at the other campus? He was like how can i describe him to you? what kind of question is this?! What a stupid question! Next time think before you say anything? I'm like excuse muah? Did he just call me stupid when he told me to think before I say anything....? It hurts because my family calls me stupid all the time and i have a learning disability. I feel embarassed when I'm not smart and I think I am stupid at times, but I don't think it was nice for him to make me feel dumb...


I got over and forgave him, but he does it again to me...he asked me a question about the accounting hw. I didn't want to give him the answers really because he never read the book so I told him read the book what does it say since he thinks so highly of himself, he should know the answer right? So I just rephrased the question and he said yes that's what i just asked you. He asked me so many questions at once which one do I answer first? he said i should think before I say anything.. Then I just blew up in his face; I don;t normally get mad.


I told him that he ask me really dumb question: what's for hw (it's all online) all the time, what's my brother's gf name, age, ethnicity). If these aren't dumb questions then I don't know what is. After that, he never spoke to me ever again and I forgive and forger easily, and it pissed me off when he never said hi when he sees me, so I was like fine, if I have to lose a friend, then I lose a friend. Right then i knew he was a jerk and couldbt handle s**** throw back at them... I mean he completely ignored which what totally pissed me off.


When i saw his message about an event he was promoter I kind of wanted to go, but when I thought about him. I just felt like beating his face up and I still hate him.... why can;t I just let it go?

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You've been 'reminded' of him & his ways to you. Anger can go on and on- but WHY bother giving ANY more of your energy his way? That's long over now, right?

Time for YOU to work on letting go of this anger... and don't go if you dont want to. (just to avoid running into him).


Let it all go.. and move on with life.

You've got some challenges- no one's perfect. But did HE know? Yes, he annoyed you for your own 'personal' reasons.

I understand those frustrations, my youngest has a learning disability & No one 'tries' to degrade him. We try and 'work' with him.


BUT- these are our own personal issues in Life. It's been a while now, I think it's time for YOU to walk away from that 'moment in time'- dont push any more 'emotions' into this with him anymore.

Work on keeping your life even- equal- aim at some 'happy', good things. He'll end up in your past.. & that's where he should be.



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