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Should I just go home? Quick advice needed!


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I'm laying in bed with a guy I have been seeing. We are watching a movie. Movie has been on for about an hour and is a movie we both have seen...everytime we have watched a movie together and he has initiated something I instantly go with it. I tried to initiate with him about 10 min ago...kissing his neck, telling him I didn't want to watch the movie anymore and he had remained completely passive. Basically not reacting at all and just watching the movie. He is not initiating anything and is leaving everything up to me...and with that he's not even going along.


I feel really stupid for initiating...and he's acting like he could care less if we do anything or not...should I just go home? I feel like the mood has been ruined for me. He only wants to operate on His "time" when he is in the "mood" even though I've always been accessible to him.


He's the one who asked me to come over. Should I just leave now?

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He ended up closing his eyes during the movie. He said he was just resting his eyes. I continued to act like everything was cool and just watched the movie. When he woke up he said he just needed a little nap and wasn't tired anymore. Then he proceeded to watch more tv....I asked him what was up....he said he wasn't in the mood. I told him I was going home and left.


The thing is he always is very affectionate when I'm there...we have never made it through a whole movie...everytime he pushes me to go further but I usually hold back and end up pleasing him. Every time. This is someone I've made very clear that I wanted. That night I was willing to go all the way....but he never kissed me once the entire night. He did ask me to lay in his arms during the movie. It's just incredibly embarrassing and confusing for me...this is what he said he wanted when he asked me to come over. We haven't ever had sex and this is the 3rd week of us seeing each other after 1 month no contact.


This is sketching new. It's not like we have had sex a bunch of times and now have settled into a pattern...isn't this supposed to be the desire phase...I want to impress you phase? He just doesn't seem to care cuz I've always been available


If I text him this morning he isn't going to reply, he is someone who ignores. I guess it's over.

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