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I don't know which girl to choose

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I'll just give them both false names to make it easier. Girl one I will call Bell and girl too Trish.


Bell I have been talking to for about a month now and at first it scared me how much she liked me. She was willing to come from a different state the second week we started talking and spend 100 bucks a night just to spend the week with me because I don't have my own place yet. She called me every morning before work but I got nervous. I didn't wanna rush things or be rushed. I would kind of stop talking to her when I felt she was getting to close. Then she would stalk my Facebook page and see where I was and she asked me about one of my friends on my page that was teasing me. She thought it was another girl but it was just a guy friend who is like a brother to me talking to me. She wasn't upset just asked me about it and I told her he was a guy first of all and just friend she had assumed it was a girl I guess because he didn't have a pic up. Then the next I caught her flirting with another girl on her page. I got upset and blocked her. A week later I started back talking to her because I missed her and she said I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions because the girl was just a friend and later reading back over the threads the girl did have a girlfriend already. She said her and the girl played like that and that the girl and were friends, and that i had nothing to worry about and i shouldn't have jumped to conclusions and did what I did. I'm still iffy on it but it doesn't knock how i feel about her. Now she's gotten more distant but insists she's been busy with friends from out of town and looking for a new car. Still it never stopped her before. She told me not to take it personal and that i must miss her. And that she knew i couldn't get enough of her. She's moving to my state this month and when we do talk she's always sweet to me and insists nobody else is in her life but me romantically. She always says she can't wait to meet me and that I'm very sweet. I don't know if I need to chill out or if i should be worried. She's the first girl of ever really had issues expressing my feelings too. I guess I'm scared of getting hurt and have some trust issues.


Trish on the other hand. I've only known for two weeks. She is a straight girl who has had sex with a female before but didn't really enjoy it. But still kinda liked girls. She told me that she liked me and that she wanted her first experience relationship wise with a woman to be a blissful one and wanted to be with me if it ever could happen. However she has a bit of an attitude on her she'll get emotional over how much guys have hunted her and used her. I understand it is hurtful what she went through and she said she didn't want to talk to me right now because she didn't want to take her bad attitude out on me. She said that even though she didn't always reply or hit me up all the time she said I stay on her mind and that sometimes she dreams about me. I don't know. I guess I could give both of them more time but when i talk to bell i want her to be my girlfriend but I know I can't rush things and need to wait. I would adore her we have more of a romantic connection and Trish we have great conversation and laugh a lot. I don't know. Any advice?

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Girl 1) I'd be worried. Not YOUR trust issues, but hers. She's already 'reacting' to YOUR fb stuff and you two aren't even involved yet- red flag? She's gonna be a nuisance with you if you DO let her into your life...


Gal2) You HARDLY know, she's got 'issues' and is FAR from stable...


I suggest you look at BOTH as just Friends, as they are NOT in stable minds. I suggest YOU choose niether to get involved with.

Move on... keep going. You CAN find someone out there who 'has it together' and is ready, someday.

NEVER rush into a relationship- especially when YOU are questioning it.

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