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I will have to break NC in around 2 months, dreading it already, advice?

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Four weeks NC, except when she emails regarding collecting her belongings and I'm getting out of the house for a couple days next week so she can finish the job.


I've then asked her not to contact me for a couple of months so I can pick myself off the floor and hopefully have enough inner strength to start discussing property settlement, before she left for the preceding twelve months she was like "it's my way or the highway", I can't believe I let her walk all over me, jump to every demand before she dumped me. I told her if she wanted out she could go, thankfully she left.


I kind of cope with out seeing her, talking about her, but in two months time I'm really worried I'll melt into another blubbering mess, ie. still very fragile emotionally.


It's also going to be very challenging talking about every thing we've accumulated and stood for, for last 15 years..


Any advice welcome.



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