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made the wrong decision


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hey so ive recently posted a post just couple of days ago about her breaking NC, I cant help myself but i replied "how can i even forgive you when you dont know what you have done to me?" then i regretted that reply since i want to give her a chance, i was being naïve back then but now i seriously want to give her another shot. what should i do? what should i tell her? its been 2 days of NC again. i want her back in my life but i think i pushed her away too much


im meaning to message her but dont know what to say... i miss her alot as company

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Yes, you may miss her a lot.. and that is normal for when a relationship breaks- BUT do you think it's right? Look at the 'reasons' for the break up.

Putting aside the missing her...CAN it work?


The 'emotions' we come to have, after a break up are sadness, confusion, denial, anger, lonliness etc- UNTIL we can come to 'accept' it an move on.

So you miss her now... but you're reacted in 'anger/hurt'?

What you need to do, is look at both ends. THINK on whether it is actually a good thing to look at getting back together. Are you two maybe just not compatible?


What I think you shld do.. is calm yourself down for a while. ease off on her- let her think on things too.

(Not sure how long it's been that you've been apart?)

But, give it some 'down time' before you look at wanting to try again. A good 2-3 months. And in this time.. start to work on improving yourself and the things that may have come to affect your relationship, before you look at 'trying to work it out', again.

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