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Who Will Join Me - 30 Day - Mind, Body and Soul Improvement.


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I just read through this whole thread - everyone is doing great!


I love the energy and all of the ideas from everyone.


I am beginning to get back into my exercise routine, so today I will go to the gym.


I am also in the process of organizing my house. We got rid of a bunch of old toys and clothes the boys have outgrown. I am clearing out old papers in my office. Today I will shred some papers that need to be shredded.

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I tried to clean off my dining rm table....didn't make it! But i did go down to the basement and drug up a tiny christmas tree. The last time i had it decorated was at Dans.....so it made me sorta melancholy. But it's decorated with blue and white lights, and white and clear glass ornaments. With a little blue thrown in here and there. I really love it! Makes me happy, but it still reminds me of you know who.


Going to a meetup tonite that i am hosting. Out to eat and then see Hunger Games. Sat is the Spa night for the girls i am having at my massage office! So i have lots to do, and i am now sitting here with my head wrapped up in a towel (wet hair) and my bathrobe on and it's 2 in the afternoon!:shame:


Tom rubbed my feet last night when we watched tv. Made me feel a little weird. Dan NEVER rubbed my feet unless i asked...and even then i don't remember.....lol. I'm not use to being touched, even tho i love TO TOUCH.


I'm weird.


I think if it was turning spring like it is in Oz, my soul would be singing, rather than like yesterday it was extremely cold here for this time of year.....and my soul and body were SCREAMING....BRRRRRR

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Thanks ItsAllGrand! Vic, Lum and RN, you continue to inspire me. Carla, I am waiting to hear back from a meetup group which mostly meets to go out to eat and also go to the cinema. I love going to see movies, but mostly these days, I go on my own, which is okay, but be nice to meetup with others who like the same.


Last night I went to the Taketina Meditation which was quite unusual. I don't know if it was co-incidence or not, but this morning, I had more energy and got more creative than I have for quite a long time. The venue - a health and wellness centre - was really beautiful. It was strange that there is no signage outside. I got their program sheet and learnt that many of the groups at the venue are closed or you can only attend at the invitation of a member which was how I got to attend this class. They do have trained massage therapists, including training in sports massage so I will likely go for a massage there some time when I can afford it. They also have a meditation meeting of Zen Buddhism one Sunday a month, but I work on those Sundays usually. I've never done Zen, and have heard it is difficult, but I wouldn't mind attending at least once to go see what it is about.



My housemate had his old brick barbeque knocked down so I asked him if I could have the bricks. I have made a little garden outside the window where my day bed is in my living area. I've also been sprucing up my outdoor area, and I think I will have it looking very nice soon. Yesterday, I got a few things for my dog and cat from the goodwill store - some VERY nice terracotta bowls with hand-painting because I have their food bowls in my outdoor living area fairly close to the door with their bed, and definitely looks more asesthetic than the old plastic ones they had. The cat and dog share a large pet bed, and I put adult single bed doona covers folded over their mattress. I managed to get a really lovely modern striped doona cover which looks quite new. I also got a larger table and a few other plans in progress. Just those small things make it look so much nicer.


I was very busy at work today - short-staffed again - but feeling okay. I'm looking forward to getting some plants and flowers on the weekend to put in my new little garden. Well, off to bed soon. Keep up the good work everyone!

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Brrrrrr, very cold in your part of the world. I would turn into an icepop. The coldest temperature I have ever been in was -16 celsius many years ago when I was in New Zealand on holdiay. I'll never forget that cold. LOL, Vic and RN, I was born in the subtropics and spent most of my first 30 years there so I couldn't cope with that type of weather.


Well, seems the universe is either trying to slow me down or divert my activities to something else. I managed to get another venomous spider bite resulting in my whole arm becoming swollen. I have been down to docs this morning and have had a tetanus injection and on high dose amoxyxillin. I'm also taking anti-histamine. I so want to do more outside, but truthfully, I am getting to neglect some things I should be doing here.


I heard back from the Meetup Group and it sounds like it will suit me perfectly. I just wish I didn't have to work so much at night. They are a very active group. Tonight they have 2 different events on. One is night markets at a place called "The Abbey" which is or was a nun's abbey, and I've posted about it on another thread "Dancing With Empty Pockets" but I still haven't managed to get there. They have a lot of very arty things happening there and good cheap food. Will see if I can find a link. Some of them are also attending a concert of a well-known and popular contemporary singer - Jimmy Barnes. They do regular cinema nights and relaxing outdoor stuff. I may not be able to get to any of their events until after Xmas.


Well, better get on with it. My time online has been greatly reduced since starting this thread!

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Glad you were able to tell Silver what the temp is!!! I never did learn Celsius, except that 0 is freezing! lol Always made more sense to me than 32 degrees!


Well being Canadian I use Celsius. But I know the other system as well because we used the Imperial system until I was in Grade 4. I think Canada switched to the metric system and 76 or 77. I use both systems. I never fully converted to metric since I had already well learned the imperial system. I still do all my cooking in the imperial system.

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hahahaha...i never even KNEW it was called Imperial! Never, in all my (young) years have i even known that! I remember when i was younger and they were talking about going to metric! ugh....I'm so glad they didn't!


Silver...just know that 100 degrees is DAMN hot....and 0 is damn COLD!!


It's almost midnight, and i've been painting at Tom's house til almost 5 in the morning the last 2 nights. Have not been home for over a week! So haven't Christmas shopped or baked.


Maybe i will start making cookies and fudge tonite!


Suppose to be a big snowstorm tomorrow. (Sat.) and there was an ice storm today. The problem with it being at the freezing point (32 degrees! we get freezing rain...ugh.


Oh yeah, i still have to color my hair.


BTW...I LOVE wearing lipstick...and i go NO WHERE without it! I might not comb my hair...but i have lipstick on!

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^ google it, there‘s even a table to record your savings. it says that we have to save $1 a week then it increases per week. a fun way to save. i‘m already thrifty but want to be better


another resolution ~ i won‘t buy dresses anymore. i have some that i have yet to wear! i think i‘ll get to save same with books, i have enough books, have to read them

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That sounds really fun, I already saving but it's got harder recently with me moving out of my parents so this will help me get back on track!


Haha, I'm the same with both of them, though another solution with books is to get them from the library, I do that if it's a book for book group or one I'm not to sure about.

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Hi Everyone. How are you all going? I have had some major things happening in my life since I started this thread. However, I have continued most days to potter about, if only for a short time in a garden I have started to create from old bricks, some beautiful river pebbles I have dug up from a pile of dirt which was dumped on the property years ago. I put up some colored solar lights which looked very nice, but something wrong with them ATM. I'm having to control myself a little though as it becomes easy for me to spend all my time outdoors. I dig up more stones in the paddock and the ponies were very inquisitive with what I was doing and stayed with me. The weather is beautiful today, but I. Have to get ready for work soon.


I managed to catch up with a very old friend last night and we are planning to go eat some good food and take in the art at link removed some time at the end of next week.


If I hadn't had this pottering project for my soul, I'm sure I would be a lot worse than I have been. I'm okay. How are you going?



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