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Who Will Join Me - 30 Day - Mind, Body and Soul Improvement.


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I only started using red lipstick 18 months ago. It is amazing. Sometimes I put the red lipstick and apply some on my cheeks too with my fingers, tap my lips and put it on my cheeks, looks great. The only bad side to this is that if you get used to it then your lips look too bare without it. And it seems like you need to top it up fairly regularly. But it does look fab !

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I bought some lipstick today. I also went shopping for a new phone. The weather has been snowing all day, and traffic is all tied up, so I didn't venture too far from home today. Didn't buy nor sign a contract today but have a good idea now and down to a few options. Had the day off. Got a proper vaccumm and cleaned my place. Didn't get to the bookstore today; but will drop by after work tomorrow. A nice meal is cooking right now..lean sausage, veggies, and a nice salad to go with. Hungry. I've never been a carbo-holic (more of a protein craver) but I'm trying cutting back on pasta and the refined carbs. Have a few, literally a few, pounds I wouldn't mind trimming off.


Silver...are you talking about the vapor e cigs?? I lapsed in my smoking fairly recently; and found some of these being sold at the corner stores right at the till now. It helped. I bought a cherry one and a grape one. I hated the taste of a cigarette when I lapsed (and the feeling, felt like I was going to puke, felt anxious as hell!). It was a wake up call though. And if I ever get so crazy again that I think smoking is a good idea, I've got these fake ones at hand. It's the inhalation that I missed...sometimes I forget to breathe, really breathe.


Which is why I need to get back at yoga and not skimp on lap time at the pool. It's so easy to be feeling good and then, start to get lazy or give up on those things that make me feel really good. Well. I can't; swimming and stretching are my foundation. They remind to breathe, dammit. lol.


Realitynut; those are some big ones! Please keep sharing.


Thanks everyone for sharing and for this thread. I love it.

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Oh Gosh, the sky has turned very dark and I don't think I will be able to take the long trip for the E Cigarette today, but that is what I need to do the most. I will see if the clouds pass over. The guy said I can deal with him by post, but I'm wary of sending the charger in just in case I don't get it back as E Cigarettes are a bit dodgy here as it's not fully legal. This is the only place I know of where you can buy the E Cigarettes in all of Melbourne though there are likely underground places - in fact, this place is at the back of a store. Still, you have to send away via internet to get the Nicotine. My son got his from New Zealand.


Quirky, when I was younger, I wore bright red lipstick, but now I wear something which is much more toned down, a type of coral red and it does make such a difference. When I put in the effort, I wear "Nude" (product name) bronzing powder which gives the loveliest and very natural glow. Re the red lipstick, I used to buy this lipstick pen which came from America. I had to buy it from a beautician who bought it directly herself. I'm telling you, this did not come off. You had to use makeup remover to get it off. I also had it in a bright dark pink - and had some lighter onces, but the lighter colors did not stay on. It was expensive but lasted about 2 years. It was too bad I couldn't get it anymore. You don't leave you lipstick marks on cups or peoples cheeks and it was totally kissable.


MHowe, if I could fit it in, I would so like to do Pilates. I think that would be so right for me. Congrats on all your hard work to stay fit, especially ging up cigarettes.

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A couple extra long days of work, so I haven't done much except for an hour long walk yesterday plus some Zumba. My goal is to take breaks from work every hour to stretch and move and if I put on some latin music it is easy to move to a couple of songs so that over the day I get in at least 1/2 hour of that on top of a good walk. Will add weights as I go along. I cut out sugar in October, and rarely eat it now, don't really miss it.


For a soothing meditation, here is the Great Bell Chant with Thich Nhat Hanh speaking, bells and a beautiful chant:


[video=youtube;fPdbkkWx--0] = 1

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Hi ItsAllGrand! Sorry I didn't see your post as we must have been typing at the same time. Well, for my peace of mind, I will only do prepaid phone now as I (and thousands of other people here) had a terrible experience with Vodaphone. Prepaid has been so much cheaper anyway.


I'm in South-East Australia, and it's supposed to be summer here, but today, we had snow in the alpine regions of this state!! I ventured out into the bad weather and drove for a couple of hours to get replacement parts for the E-cigarette. Yes, they are the vapor fake cigarettes, but they are quite a big deal here and so most people buy them on the internet from overseas, definitely not at a local store. I got a chocolate cake flavored bottle to fill into the chamber. I smoke one of the very cheapest brands of cigarettes, and cheapest way to buy them is in a pack of 40 which have now gone up to $25 a packet. A packet of 25's would be around $20!!! Anyway, LOL, I got caught in heavy rain and hail, but it was worth it.


I stopped along the way and had my eyebrows threaded again and a full face threading. OUCH! Have made note to myself to have this done BEFORE cosmetic cream temporary face-lift. I think the threading undid the work I had put in lifting the lines up a bit! LOL Well, I need to laugh more so the wrinkles will form in the right places.


I also stopped and had a healthy lunch - authentic Vegetable Korma Curry. I didn't get home until after 7.30pm and plonked on my daybed and did puzzles, especially Sudoku which is fun. I remembered that I used to love Scrabble and haven't seen my set for years, though I'm sure I have one.


Because of the weather and being so late home, I didn't get to walk my dog, but I curled up with cat and dog and played and patted and stroked. The three of us were very happy and content and that was good for my soul. I was playing the most beautiful mellow music while driving. I only bought it recently. It's various Indian artists, a combination of piano with traditional Indian instruments. I have to check out who the female vocalist is - she's a sort of Indian version of Kate Bush. Do you remember her? She was English and used to sing "Wuthering Heights". It's very late here, and I'm not sure if I can listen to my meditation CD without disturbing my housemate.


Feeling very good right now. Yes, this is just great sharing these nurturing things we are all doing for ourselves. Thanks IAG for sharing and looking forward to more.

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A couple extra long days of work, so I haven't done much except for an hour long walk yesterday plus some Zumba. My goal is to take breaks from work every hour to stretch and move and if I put on some latin music it is easy to move to a couple of songs so that over the day I get in at least 1/2 hour of that on top of a good walk. Will add weights as I go along. I cut out sugar in October, and rarely eat it now, don't really miss it.


For a soothing meditation, here is the Great Bell Chant with Thich Nhat Hanh speaking, bells and a beautiful chant:


[video=youtube;fPdbkkWx--0] = 1


I'm impressed JN and thanks for the meditation. I'll listen to it with the volume down low so I don't disturb H, and that will be my mediation for today! Good work!

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Just wondering if anyone can give me some recommendations. I'm thinking at some time in the very near future, I should watch something so funny it will ALMOST make me pee my pants laughing. Okay, I used to like Little Britain and also Sascha Baren Cohen. I like Dawn French, but one of my very favorite is Joanna Lumley in "Absolutely Fabulous". What makes you laugh hardest?

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Well I've been keeping up on my workout portion of the program.


So far so good on the "lifestyle change" diet that's not a diet thing, too.


I have noticed I'm more relaxed when I'm home, not as antsy, energy is up a bit, and going to sleep at night seems a lot easier.


I've had the music loop from "The Hobbit" DVD menu stuck in my head for days... sigh.

[video=youtube;7tOo2OMUhB8] ]


For anyone unfamiliar with it - it's very... lulling and rhythmic.

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Oh Silver, I do remember Kate Bush. She is classic. !

Wow, I didn't realize you Aussies had it even harsher than us when it came to the price of cigarettes. Costs about 14 CD bucks for a pack where I am at now (not sure exactly, haven't bought any for quite a long while, which is good!). It's too bad it's such a trouble to find the e cigs where you are. But wow, are you ever a trooper!!!


Yesterday I barely spent any time on the computer/my phone/any computer at all. It was nice. Instead, I went to the pool after work. After going to my bookstore.


Happiness for me: books in tow, the smell of a pool, my bathing suit, and a cup of coffee afterwards. Yes!!


More later...!!

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I was going to write last night but my internet was really slow.


It was really windy yesterday so I stayed indoors. I did go swimming and to book club. I was going to do some meditation but I ended up chatting to my housemate. I ate a lunch meal of sushi for my teas as I still felt a bit sick from yesterday. Feeling a lot better today and I've got salad for lunch.

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Hi Mes, I've always liked that music!


IAG, yeah, I just love searching out bookstores and have my favourites. There is a place inner city in Melbourne (Carlton) which I venture to now and again. They have plenty of really good street cafes and continental bakeries, and Little Italy is situated there. The best bookstores in Melbourne are there. (I live a bit over an hour outside of Melbourne). They also have several arthouse cinemas, and I'm always promising myself I will go there soon. One of my exes and I used to go there together quite often. He loved books too.


Well, today was another good day. I went to my bellydance class and we had our end of year party. One of the women there has invited me to go to this class with her on Tuesday. I've left the flyer in the car and can't remember the name of it, but I will post more about it after I have been. It's some type of meditation and gentle movement to an unusual type of music.


I stopped at the florist before I went to the class and got all of my friends from the class a small bunch of pink orchids for Xmas. I also got a bunch for a lovely young woman who owns one of the local stores, and she is always so nice to me. She looked quite stressed when I walked in and was on the phone. I put them in front of her and whispered that I couldn't stay as I had to go to work. The expression on her face was wonderful. Her whole face lit up with surprise and happinesss even though it was a modest present. The last one I gave to a lovely lady at work who is always doing things for other people and she is really dedicated at work.


I got a text from my youngest sister today saying how wonderful it was to hear from me yesterday and she texted me a photo too. I had such a busy day. Didn't get home from work until after 11pm and I have to leave at around 6.30am tomorrow morning, but I wanted to check in here.


Everyone sounds like they are doing great. I'm a bit sore in my lower neck and to the side, and got a heat pack and some muscular rub on it. Have taken some Ibruprofen, and if I can, I might get a massage next week. If I get too bothered by it tomorrow, I'm going to leave work and come home and rest. Yeah, pilates would be a very good thing for me.


I wish there were more hours in the day and more days in the week! Keep up the good work everyone. XXX

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Hey Vic, tell us about your retreat!


(((((Realitynut))))) It actually feels really nice to actually GIVE someone flowers - as nice as getting them yourself. That young woman is so nice. Even though I haven't spent much in her store, she has given me gifts of free samples. I like her a lot. She is extremely artistic and creates remodelled jewellry and homeware such as hanging lights. She's an intriguing girl. One of her parents is Japanese although she doesn't look at all oriental herself. She does speak Japanese and lived in Japan for some time. A lot of her art is inspired by Japan and Japanese culture. She is a formally trained actress from the National Institute of Dramatic Art, but said she had to give up her path of acting as she just didn't get work so she went into business for herself. Most of the clothing she sells and wears is designed and made locally. She is so interesting - a vegan and knows all the best restuarants. The handbags and little silk purses she sells are are gorgeous. Sorry if I have gotten off-track here. She was the person who told me also about the yarn-bombers. Most of the yarn-bombing takes place on the tree outside of her store.


Yes, today was a bit of a lapse for me and I'm sure that is because I had to work late last night and then start work early this morning. I know I should see if I can drop my Friday shift. I used to devote Fridays to my dancing and drumming classes. These days, I barely get to the dance class, and I had to give up the drumming altogether due to time and money. I'm still friends with the drumming teacher (she is in the dance class) and it is her I am going to this meditation thing with on Tuesday night.


I was so tired when I finally got home that I just flopped down in exhaustion and read the paper. I did do a little cleaning up of clothes and things. It's going to take me weeks to rid myself of a lot of clothing which no longer fits or which I don't wear anymore, but it will be well worth it for the extra space and decluttering.


Well, hope you are all nurturing yourselves. I'll make a better effort tomorrow.

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It's really nice reading what everyone is doing

I love Kate Bush. And regarding funny shows maybe Arrested Development? It's quite wacky, I really like it!


I have ideas and suggestions but I know I will be working way too much and can't commit to anything for the next week.


Today I listened to Feel the Fear audiobook while cooking, it was soothing. It was talking about operating from our Higher Self and it helped center me.

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I love reading what everyone else is doing , too. It's encouraging and inspirational.


Since I last posted, I've had a few holiday lunches with a few people I haven't seen much at all of in too long. It was really nice. Made sure they were 'real' restaurants too - with white tablecloths! and good service! and place settings! lol - and it was really nice.


The last couple days have had a couple heart to hearts, trying out my direct communication. It. Makes. A . Difference.


I'm trimming back a lot on holiday money spending this year. Putting more emphasis on the getting together, and what does it actually mean to me and what do I actually celebrate for?? The holidays are about love and fun to me. So keeping it there. Always have to work hard at managing this aspect - especially with my family - because there is a strong pull put there of expectations. Where the whole 'sharing, giving, including' becomes something that can go into feeling like a chore and swallowing my feelings bit.


This week I will not swallow my feelings. Amen.

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Hey yes, this is really nice reading what everyone is doing. I'm impressed.


Mesmene, ItsAllGrand and Quirky, I think you would really like this music I am listening to which I referred to. I actually decided to actually read the cover of the album and do some googling. The artist is known by the name Bombay Jayashri, and was nominated for an Oscar in 2013 for her composition and performance of Pi's Lullaby in Life of Pi. According to my sources of information, she has been immersed in theh Southern Indian Carnatic vocal tradition since she was 4 years old. She has studied violin and has also mastered the veena, a traditional Indian instrument. It is indeed spiritual and healing music. The song I like her performing most though is called Zara Zara (Slowly, Slowly) which was a huge hit in 2001. It's on the album I am listening to. I was surprised to read about the other artists on the album, most, if not all have studied and performed western as well as Carnatic and Hindstani. I'd be interested in your thoughts. One of the other artists on this album did win an Oscar in 2009, composed for Andrew Lloyd Weber and has sold 200 million albums - and I had never heard of any of them - well, I suppose most Westerners would not know of them.


[video=youtube;f2uPz8fbZAE] ]

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Today I picked and ate 2 nectarines from a tree. They were delicious. Today, I made a conscious effort not to become involved in negative talk at work and to focus my energy on just getting my job done. I've been realising how I have allowed my own energy to be drained by focusing too much on the constant conflict in a very contraversial work place. I did get some very good news from work though. It seems that we have been offered additional salary packaging on airfares. I still need to pay upfront, but from what I can make out, this is going to make things MUCH easier for me to fly interstate a few times a year to visit my family! I am very happy about that.


Tomorrow night, I am going with a friend too a group practice session of "Taketina". I know very little about it, but my friend really liked it, and entry is by gold coin donation. I have a link to a website, but my connection is not great tonight so I couldn't watch the video. I will let you know how it goes. Info here:


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Finally, I have officially joined The Tiny House Movement and finding it fascinating! I am thrilled at the genuine prospect of not just being able to have my own home, but of probably being able to achieve that mortgage-free. I am currently reading as much as I can, and bringing practices into my life to prepare for this. It kept me busy today, cleaning and organising my kitchenette . . . and I have so much more space. I won't be going so far as some people do with their tiny houses, but I feel like I've tuned into a concept that is going to enable me to have a much less financially stressful life, and at the same time, it will encourage me to be resourceful and creative.


Here's a link which explains it in brief if you don't know about it.


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