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FWB situation - Should I respond


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Please, don't judge me!


Alright, so because I'm moving in away a few months, I decided to set up an account to look for a FWB (I'll be asking for test results, using condoms all that drill). Anyway. There's this guy I know who sent me a message (he has no idea it's me because I only put body pictures). Now, he and I left things on a very embarrassing note a year ago.


I still find him extremely hot, however I'm afraid this might be a little awkward if I were to respond and tell him we know each other. Considering the fact he's looking for a hookup, do you think he'll get past the "disagreement" we had?


I mean, even if he still hates my guts, he'd probably get past that to get laid or no?


I'm not interested in him in a romantic way because he's turned out to be completely different from what I thought (even though I was interested back in the days). But since I already knew him (kinda) I'd feel comfortable with him.


Should I respond or no?

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The argument was about the fact that after talking for a few weeks, he still didn't want to meet up. We've never seen one another because he kept making excuses. No insults at all. I just blocked him and told him I lost interest. We met online so we did not date "per se".


(It's not the guy I talked about in a previous post. I've never actually met this one).

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