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Second time around isn't any easier, LOVE stinks!

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Well as the title says, I'm currently going through a nasty break-up. Funny thing is, I've been here before, but for some reason this one feels more hurtful. My old relationship lasted from the age of 19 to 29, I was a wreck but could function and get together a plan and distract myself easier than this one. It took me about 2 years to completely get over the 10 year relationship. I've gotten so over the 10 year one that I recently contacted her as a friend to talk to about this last relationship which only lasted a little under 2 years, from age 31 to 33. I never thought I'd be at the point where I could talk to my 10 year ex and not feel a single thing for her. In fact I kind of don't wanna talk to her, I realized I don't really like her, Lol

So in a way, I feel hopeful that I will eventually be at that point with my current ex. But I'm not too sure it will be in the near future, see the 2 year relationship was alot more intense than the 10 year one. Plus this one ended in betrayal and lies.

I put up my story yesterday in case anyone is interested but its a bit of a read.

Thread is called "I Love the person I Hate the most"


I feel I'm more obsessed about this one even though she is completely wrong for me and I know I should not even think about having her in my life. But I can't help it at the moment. Facebook helped me get over my 10 year ex, due to me lurking using my sister's account and also ex staying logged on during a "booty call" visit as per her request. I saw how she had been stringing me along and seeing someone else. It angered me and at the same time it released me. I wanted nothing to do with her anymore and I started to move on.

But Facebook is not my friend now, because of it I caught my current ex cheating, I broke up with her immediately but kept on with booty calls. I got into her account again weeks later after she had left from a overnight stay and I saw even more people she was hooking up with at the same time as me. I got hurt and betrayed all over again. It set the tone for N/C, but after awhile I started lurking and saw she was in a relationship with a guys she's only known a couple of weeks. And only 2 1/2 months after our break up.

My heart is a disaster right now

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Could your heart be this way because YOU keep faultering? How about you STOP all of these things you're doing, leave ALL alone now and work on moving on, properly?


You KNOW what she's up to and it's bothering you. How about you have No More to do with her so YOU can move on.

Remove her from your FB and steer away from anything to do with her. This way you can start to work on 'healing'.


I have never followed my ex's on there. Nor do I have a friendship with any of them. It's not there so i won't look.


Less knowledge & contact, the better for YOU. I know how hard it is and it hurts- but it'll only keep hurting or hurt you more with what you're doing.


Time to back off, totally and deal with yourself.. right?

I understand it's NOT easy but it has to be done.


gd luck

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