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Punternet = ass clown central!

Peter SC

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So I'm registered on this site for punters to review women you sleep with. Right? Well, it seems they're very one-dimensional, not to mention rude. All you need to do is say one or two things wrong that upsets the members somehow and your opinion is rendered invalid. I'm not calling anybody names using the swear words or derogatory terms typical of such websites, yet everyone gets on a bandwagon that makes it sound like you're to blame. Recently I told them about some lady who supposedly specializes in working with disabled clients (as I'm autistic) and they're not replying to my concerns in post #1. Rather, they are obnoxiously posting links to when I said I had warts, etc.


I've been on their boards numerous times talking about my unfortunate experiences with both my sexual capabilities and punting experiences, but all they do is make stupid remarks and think you are wasting the call girl's time. The only person who understands me is Holly, because she's an ex-hooker who copes with a son who lives with autism. During one such outburst, a mod put me on some pending mode so that when you post something, one of them has to check it before they approve it for viewing. Honestly, they must worship all women as Goddesses. Surely if you're on a board of that nature and you don't like the shoddy services a woman provides or whatever the issue is and you care to comment about the matter, it should be taken with a pinch of salt, as it's what the damn boards are there for - posting your opinions. Yet if you post a five star review, everybody goes: 'wow - she's tidy as f***. I'd hit that!'


Trolling, much?

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