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after a week of NC she broke it again


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so i just dumped this girl who i was dating for a while because she has been hurting my feelings every time im with her, and the fact that she keept on doing it even after i told her that it wasnt healthy for us, long story short that thing that she dose is that at some of our dates she brings along another person whom seems to be dating her, and it just annoys me cos of the feud. and the last night we were together she admited that they already had sex, tho so did we i didnt took this lightly, i was but hurt that night tho TBH that was my mistake that i judged her ( that part i owe her an appology ) but this thing has been going on and on and we fight then i go to NC then she breaks NC then it becomes light and we started dating again but that night was diffrent because of what she said, i told her that we shouldnt see or talk to each other anymore, without even asking why she ran of to her place, I told her this while taking her home, and I was admittedly tipsy.



now been a little less than a week, she texted this excatly...


" im sorry for everything I hope you can forgive me


then a few hours later she just texted " good morning "


Ive decided not to reply to any of her text and i know i shouldn't, but i cannot deny that i still have a very strong attraction to this girl because of our past, i could tell that she enjoys me very much and that I really did enjoy her for the most part. i see her everywhere, in the songs i hear in the places we used to go, friends we use to meet etc... its driving me nuts! i thought i was stronger than this, but now i just dont know, anybody here can help?

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