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What the heck is going on???


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I have had my last regular period Oct 17th. Then when my next period was suppose to come I was a couple days late and it came on November 16th. The first day it was just a tinted brown color and the most that came out was just enough to wipe and a dime sized stain in a pad I had on for 2 days. It lasted for about 3 1/2 days and just completely stopped. I was taking birth control that month but had missed three days of birth control that month pretty much in a row. I have stopped taking birth control since then. On the 16th I had minimal cramps and after that day I had non what so ever. It almost like I didn't have a period. I did have a couple clots but no blood really.


I was on my placebo pills at the time and stopped taking them since then. So in total I have not taken birth control for about 3 weeks but 2 weeks with out the placebo.


For the last week I have had this weird smell in my nose. I have noticed my boobs have gotten firmer and my nipples hurt so bad I can't touch them. They are fine in a bra but just to brush against them is awful. I have also noticed clear discharge sometimes. I haven't really been nauseated only a hand full of times. I sleep a lot but feel ok and pretty rested most of the time. I did take a pregnancy test a couple days ago and it came out negative didn't take the money urine I just couldnt wait even though I knew I should of.


Is this just happening because I just got off of birth control or could I be pregnant?


I have had sex almost everyday except the last three.

I can't think of anything else to say as of right now but feel free to ask questions! Would love some input!


The thing that is most uncomfortable is is my nipples just hurt so bad

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When you come off BC, hormones go crazy. I came off it for awhile coz it was making me ill and my sex drive went through the roof lol. My bf could not keep up with me


It prob is nothing. Take another test in a week but stop worrying



Thank you very much for your info I really appreciate it!

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