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He ended the date on a handshake?is this good or bad?


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From the first five minutes on, this guys has done nothing but slowly work his way out of the date. If he was blown away by you, his heartborken buddy would have quickly taken the back seat. He wouldn't have cared if the restaurants are busy, you would have closed one down. Frankly, guys aren't known to run to each other in tears over a break up. His excuse on needing to go check up on his friend is just plain weird and sounds just that - any excuse to avoid extending the date, stopping off at one of the busy restaurants, etc.


Don't be so oblivious when someone is blatantly trying to extricate himself from your company and do not chase after him. If he is actually interested he will reach out to you fast and frankly, would have reached out by now. If he is not, you have your answer - he was not interested. Stop wasting your energy on this. You had one very crappy date.

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OP: Obviously we weren't there during your date to see and hear exactly what occurred, but you can see from the many posts on this thread, there's a consensus that this guy does not seem into you.


Despite this consensus and advice, it's obvious that you're not hearing (or reading) what you want to hear.


We've all basically told you not to text this guy, but you're ignoring this advice.


Just text him and get it over with. Then you'll know where you stand.

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If I just say this that way I'm leaving it open to him asking me "Hey, even though we didn't get to ice skate, I still enjoyed your company on Saturday.I hope your friend was okay?"

I didn't see him online the site yesterday.


Why have you started this thread? Most everyone has told you not to contact him but you keep on saying that "maybe i should say this" or "maybe I can say that." Well, just go ahead and do what you're jonesing to do and get on with it.


In the meantime, while you wait for his reply text, why don't you go to the Library where you live and borrow the book "He's Just Not That Into You" and see how woman who can't wait to be courted end up.


Good luck.

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It might not mean he's not interested, it might just mean he's awkward in general so look at it this way, mysty. Do you really want to be getting involved with someone who that everytime you leave his company you're going to wondering if that was the last time you'll be seeing him? Certainly you do not so just get on with dating and trying to find someone who you will know without a doubt that he'll be wanting to get to know you better. In the meantime, leave buddy alone and let him figure himself out.


Remember this and make it your mantra:

"I am the prize and if they aren't interested, then its certainly their loss... not mine."


Stop framing the guy as the prize and your whole confidence level will be boosted so that you're not wanting to chase. Courting is a fine dance of chasing and pursuing by both parties and if you have to do all the chasing then it's time to get away from the non-pursuer. You see?

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