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Scared to be alone

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At the moment, university has finished for the year and everyone has gone back home for the holidays.


I'm still here at the flat, living by myself and feeling really lonely. I don't know why but I'm getting really scared. It's not that I'm scared of living alone, it's just that I have no-one to talk to or interact with (I don't have many friends), and I feel so disconnected from everyone.


Can anyone suggest anything to help me cope?

The only thing I look forward to is going to the gym every second day, and even though I don't talk to anyone there, at least it's something where I'm not at home being lonely and disconnected.


I go back home in 2 weeks for Christmas, so that's 2 weeks of living/being alone.

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Hi 1st,

Good to know you're going home for the holidays. Good

Do you have any hobbies to work on? Maybe you can 'make' things for ppl for X-mas, while alone & bored?

How about walking over to a coffee shop and relaxing there? Sometimes ppl meet up there? Get to see 'other' people.

Or local malls?

Other than working out.. anything else like V-ball, swimming etc?


I gather you're there to 'continue' on some more with School? Have you looked into local dating sites, if your single?

You can evan ask for "friends" on there...

There's a few ideas, i can think of. Not sure what's near you or available to you?

How about baking a few things to keep you busy- before you go back home? (Just an idea, so that you can stay a bit busy re: X-mas on it's way > baking, crafts).


Hope this was a lil helpful... good luck

take care

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You sound like me; while I don't always enjoy interacting with people, I like being around them. I don't like being alone in an empty house, no one to talk to if I want to, no noise going on, etc.


I would suggest getting out like you were saying; go to the gym. Go the coffee shops, go shopping. Even if you are not particularly a fan, go walk around at least just for the sake of not sitting around your place alone.


See if any events are going on in your area. Free or even if there is a small fee, something to just get you out. Even if it isn't 100% something that peeks your interest, check it out. Maybe you'll meet new people, discover a new interest, who knows!

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