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starting to struggle..how do i not be so guarded


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I am 27 never had a proper relationship or sex.. I believe in sex before marriage, I am all for it.


I am attractive,people tell me all the time. I have a few close friends. For some reason I have always been scared of males, so most of my friends are female. Guys I tend to like, I don't do anything about and just move on with life because I think "why would they be interested in me".

Then when they do show interest I never know what to do. How to proceed. I have always pushed men away..i don't understand why I am like this..the second someone upsets me or does something wrong I put up a wall which is hard to break down.


I didn't ask to be like this... I am a good person. I am well mannered. I am hygienic. I dress well. But when it comes to approaching men I don't know where to start.



I Don't believe the first person I sleep with wil be "the one"..im not ever sure I believe in that. I jst want to meet a guy, get on well and finally be close to someone. And feel good about it. has a nyone else had these issues.I'm so close to giving up. I work hard, I pay my way, but I just seem to not be able to attract guys. Its getting me down.

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Have you tried online dating? I am a non-social person, don't do bars, clubbing, any of that because I just don't fit in. While dating sites are tricky, (may I add VERY tricky), with patience you can meet someone compatible. I did, and she's the best girlfriend I've ever had, and I'm enjoying the best years of my life because of her. I met her at an online dating site - but I will admit I had several negative experiences (several as in 5), and was pretty burned out on the whole online dating scene before I came accross her profile and sent her a text. Looking back however, without going through that process, I never would have met her. We now have been together 3 years and I am lucky to have her. Honestly I would do it all over again if I had to.


So, that's my advice. Online dating eliminates that nail-biting ice breaker one had to deal with in the "old days." Be careful though.

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