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Is having 3 cats a deterrent to dating?


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Depends on whether he likes cats or has allergies. I love cats but am allergic to them, and no way could i ever contemplating living with a guy with a houseful of cats because of the impact to my health. And some people hate cats. So it's kind of like saying, 'will my 3 kids discourage a man from dating me...' It depends on the man!


You just need to find a man who likes cats, but I wouldn't start keeping any more cats than you have because that can be overwhelming for people and some people might put you into the 'crazy cat' lady category if you started having your house be more like a shelter for cats than a home. I think if you're married and you have a lot of pets that is fine if you both agree, but when you're dating, it might limit your pool of men if they didn't want to live with so many animals in the house.


I personally wouldn't be compatible with a man who didn't like dogs or who didn't want pets because they are important to me. But I have 2 dogs, and wouldn't expect someone to be happy with 5 or 6 dogs in the house if he didn't want to be overrun with dogs. Some people are fine with that and some not... I could be comfortable with that, but I wouldn't do it unless i was married to a man who agreed to it and was happy wtih the idea. I did have 5 dogs for a short period of time when i had 2 old dogs who were both dying at the end of their lives, but I doubt I'd do it again unless I lived on a farm as I did then!

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Batya, actually I was just being cheeky in my post, in response to lonewing's statement. I guess I should have ended my sentence with a instead of a

My cats run and hide as soon as they see a stranger, so it would be impossible to gauge anything based on their reactions, LOL. But if a guy was mean to them or about them, I would definitely show him the door, because I love cats and intend to always have them, so we wouldn't be a good match.


I could not agree more!! And also mean -about cats - even putting aside your love of cats that says something not great about his character. My mother was not a cat lover and made teasing comments BUT she took great care of our cat and cared about him because she knew we did.

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