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Second coffee thing?


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Okay so I made this amazing friend through a university class we're both in. He's a little bit older but we click really well and have non stop conversations.


Right before Halloween he asked me if I had wanted to get a cup of coffee. We met up later that week and talked non stop for three hours. He mentioned his relationship status but I didn't quite understand him (I have a hearing disability I'm a little embarrassed about). So I checked out his facebook and it says he's in a relationship. Which to be fair, he might have told me but I didn't hear right.


So we've been texting more and more lately (sometimes conversations that run for several hours). 90% of the time he begins the conversations and we talk about everything; school, life, our families, literature, his culture, my culture, what we want from our futures, etc. And tonight after another of our famous conversations he suggested we get tea again this week. I was thrilled, we made plans.


I just can't read him. Is it a date coffee thing or a friend coffee thing? He makes jokes like "See, I am easy! uh, well you know what I mean. ha." in regards to choosing a time and says he'll take me to the most gorgeous place on campus to show me the view. I get very confusing vibes from him.

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