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Still love my ex

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Give yourself a break... It hasn't been long at all. Of course you still love him. You can't turn your emotions on and off like that. It takes time to heal. Just ride out the emotions... It's a roller coaster. Try to be good to yourself. Get some rest, rent a movie, eat a brownie, call a friend, take a walk, get a puzzle or something to work on. It will get better. Hang in there.

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I can say you are not crazy for thinking this.

If so many of us here have been crazy.


You were not prepared to get dumped.

This all becomes a shock and it is a big adjustment to not have someone around anymore.


Weeks seem like they take forever now don't they?


Many people hold sentimental value to their first love.

I did.


We eventually accept and move on.

Only after we have suffered enough.


Take comfort in your friends and support where you can find it.

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