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Met a great girl... finally at the end of the semester, but


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I've been attracted to this girl since the start of the semester, it goes way beyond her looks too. I'm probably like 5 years older than her, returning to school after struggling to figure out my life.


I'm happy, I've made incredible strides. Relationships aren't new to me, and neither is flirting. For me it's difficult to find someone I'm compatible with - INFJ and that's why I've made such change - even moving to a new city to escape my environment. Become more outgoing, meet people, start living, be happy it's working



So, I don't socialize at the beginning of the semester. I stick with whoever I meet. One girl stood out from our class group (which will be together for 4 years) and I put it out of my mind. I was there for school, not relationships - and I had so many personal issues to work out - not worth the train wreck.


I've come so far now, and an opportunity is infront of me (maybe?).


This girl was put into our term project group because of a shuffle in students in the class. I wasn't excited, or getting obsessive like a depressed me would do.

Turns out she liked out group meetings, and last week invited me to study with her. We got along pretty well, she said she thinks its good we study together. In the past few days, we've talked more - joked more - and I don't know about flirting there may have been hints of it --- but she is incredibly closed up so it's hard to see how she feels. I guess that shouldn't be a surprise to me.


She moved here 4 years ago from a middle east country (woohoo cultural dynamics), so her English is not top notch - but good and improving. I enjoy helping her, and love her company - she doesn't make me anxious.


When I learned that her goals were to build structure in her life, get a good job and be secure with a good house, and find stability. I didn't say anything, but inside I couldn't agree more --- those my own goals right now.


We did some personal development stuff mid-term. I caught a glimpse of her paper when she was showing me something --- she enjoys some of the same leisure as me. Cool.


I've been fighting every urge to ask her a billion questions - because I'm like that. We've just been hanging out and chatting, it's great. She will text me about school stuff, or being frustrated with studying --- not really personal.




So I want to tell her that I like her, enjoy spending time with her and would love to hang out over our winter break. I've hinted that I like her, but no idea if she picked up on it. I'm not so sure she acts any differently around me, than others --- maybe just enjoys the quiet.


Do I say something? Do I just say something like, Hey I like you.


or... do I wait until winter break when I go home for a week after exams... time to think and ponder. Also if she rejects me or becomes awkward --- and I've been wrong this whole time --- then I've got the immediate separate, the break happens ends - next semester starts fresh.


I need to tell her within 2 weeks, or I will never forgive myself if some guy grabbed her. I want to do it in person --- it's more personal and I gauge her reaction. She also can't ignore me.


How do I do this? I don't think she has much relationship experience because of cultural differences. I've made a heck of an effort to let her get to know me, and me warm up to her the past week. I can tell some of her other guy friends like her, so if there's thinking the same thing as me - bleh. I lose my opportunity.

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