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How To Proceed?


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So here is the story. There is a McDonalds not too far from my house which I often go to (I'm still skinny as a stick, super high metabolism so I'm not really able to bulk up although I consider myself to be relatively good looking) for lunch before I head over to class. The reason I've been going often is because there is this extremely attractive girl who works the drivethru. She seems bright, speaks well, and seems like she is a happy and fun person. Well as the weeks went by I would always see her and she would hand me my food as I passed through the drivethru. She is so beautiful and I was extremely interested.


One day as she handed me my food I said, "I have to ask, are you single?"

She responded, "Yes."

So I said, "What would it take to get your number?"

She responded with what seemed like a tiny smile, "I can't give it to you in the drivethru right now, it's busy." (There was a huge line of cars behind as this was lunch hour and her manager was right behind her).

So I half jokingly responded, "What if I came inside?"

She paused and thought about it for a second when I added, "Or it's a no..?"

Then she said, "Come back later when it's less busy."

I smiled and said, "Sounds good." and left.


I came back later that day with a friend and went through the drivethru again. When I pulled up to the window she seemed surprised to see me (in a good way) and smiled and said, "hey."

I then told her, "I'm giving you one last chance for a courteous not interested or else I'm getting that number."

She responded, "Write it down."

So I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and went to hand it to her when she said, "No, write yours down."

I thought that was a bad sign but proceeded to write my number down and handed it to her. My hand had been shaking a little and I had been writing against the steering wheel so the writing was kinda sloppy. As I handed it to her I asked, "Can you read that?"

She laughed and said "yes".

And with that I left to go do some shopping. I never got a text from her. The next week I went through the drivethru and she was there. I pulled up to the window and she smiled and did her usual "Hey, how are ya?" and didn't mention anything about not texting me. I got my food and left.

Well since I never got a clear answer from her, I didn't wanna just give up. So I brainstormed about what I could do and settled on writing a note. I wrote her a note and it read as follows:


"Mystery Drivethru Girl,

You haven't given me a clear answer yet, so I'm planning to get to know you more unless you tell me otherwise. I figured we could pass notes via drivethru to kick things off. We have no common ground to tread on so I'll just tell you something random about myself: I was actually born in Paris, France. Your move! I'll snag your note next time I go through the drivethru.

-(my name)

PS: Some extra fries in my bag couldn't hurt"


The next week I went through the drivethru and handed her the note. She did not look pleased when I handed her the note and took it without saying a word. I don't know if it was because she was really busy or because I had crossed the line. Well I left feeling like crap and was worrying that I had come off as a creeper. I wanted to think of something to say to her next time I saw her to smooth things over and let her know I didn't mean to cross a line of sorts but couldn't think if something. So the next week I went through the drivethru (a Monday) and she was there. I pulled up to the window and she smiled, handed me my drink and said, "hey, how are you?". I responded but she didn't she didn't hear me because she had turned around to go get my food. I was thinking "great this is so awkward, she isn't even acknowledging the fact that I gave her a note, I look like a fool." She came back, handed me my food, and right as I was about to leave she said, "You would come on the one day I don't have your note on me." (I got excited!)

I said, "Aww really?"

She said "Yeah" so I asked, "Do you work tomorrow?"

She responded, "Yes so I'll see you tomorrow." and did a gun pointy finger gesture at me. I left feeling great, but was wondering what the note was going to say, if it was gonna be a good or bad one. So I went back the next day and saw her working the window from afar. However when I pulled up, a different girl was there and she smiled at me and said "Whatsup playaaaa." (I thought that was interesting). I laughed and said "Hey." She handed me my drink and left. Then the girl I'm interested in came up to the window, handed me my food (sans note) and said "Have a nice day." I left feeling extremely disappointed because she had told me that she had a note. I took out my food, looked in the bag and didn't see a note. I ate my food while driving to class and as I reached for a napkin to wipe my mouth I noticed there was writing on one of them. I picked it up and looked and on the napkin was her name, her phone number, and a smiley face! I felt like a king. So later that evening I texted her this: "So I told you one random thing about myself in the note, now it's your turn (It's XXXX, drivethru guy.)"


I never got a response from her and it's been a week and a half. What should I do? I'm definitely interested in her and I thought I was doing well so I'm surprised she didn't respond. I don't want to text her or call her and come off as needy since she already ignored me. I haven't gone back there yet. What do you think is the best way to go about things at this point? I'm just confused as to why she didn't respond. Sorry for the long read but much thanks for reading it!!

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Yea I agree you put it out there and it is in her court. Just do your thing and if she wants to invest the time she will its hard to say what she has got going outside of that drive up window when she is ready I am sure she will let you peek into her life. Keep your head, dont take offense to it like I said who knows what she is got going on.

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when I worked at McD's a couple of years ago I was always the drive-thru window girl, and for some reason this happened to me a lot. at the time I was completely recovering from the worst heartbreak of my life up to now, and was completely focused on working as many hours I could and sleeping for the rest of the remaining time. for some reason it was all I could manage back then.


don't take it personally if she never gets back at you. really. but nice work you did there, if it happened to me now, I'd probably give you a shot

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