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I'm really Confused on who I love?


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hey So there's one person who cares alot about me, he's friends told me he likes me, he lives near me, he's abit immature but i love his hugs (we haven't yet kissed) and his child-ish behaviour. He told his parents about me but there's something there stops me from meeting him. we meet every weekend, i miss him loads but when i meet him, I don't know what happens


On the other hand there's another guy who loves me and told me, we chat and skype everyday but he lives veryyyy far, i'll meet him once a year but i loves everything else about him except the distance. yeah he is also child-ish but i like it


Pleaseeee help me decide though it's up to me, i'm sooo confused.

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Most often, distance becomes a major problem between cpl's.

Most likely more chance having things work out better with someone much closer.


But- for how long do you think you'll be able to handle that 'immature childish behavior"?


Agree with this. I would choose neither guy and find someone who fits your maturity level and you can take time to get to know

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