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Screwing with my head or not?


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I have made a thread about the same guy before.


We've been friends for a few months and we really clicked. We are both really into music, and we both play musical instruments. We both have depression and anxiety issues and he says he feels really comfortable with talking about those things with me, and he really hasn't felt that before. He's told me that he has some fear of relationships with girls.


I have some feelings for him. He knows. I never hide it, and at one point I actually told him I have a crush on him. And it's always seemed to me like he might have some for me too. He's playful, he teases me every time we meet and around other people too. And he touches me a lot, sometimes making it seem like random.


A couple of days ago he came over to my house, and we sat on my living room couch, drank beer and just talked, while listening to music. At one point he asked me for one kiss. After that one kiss, we kind of made out, and a few more times after that during the rest of the night. We kissed again when he left.


I asked him about it on Facebook chat the day after. He said he hadn't really planned on kissing me, but he agreed with me when I said it was fun.


Now, this made me feel kind of confused. But he definitely wouldn't be kissing me if he didn't like me, right?


Is he screwing with my head, or am I just screwing with my own head with over-analyzing and overthinking things?

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