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Time to don the cap and gown..


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Well hello everyone..

My time has come, after a 3 year struggle, many times thinking I wasn't gonna make it, I wasn't good enough, long nights struggling on, trying to find the inspiration in theoretical psychology, biological psychology, developmental psychology, scared the work was never gonna end.. I have made it.

I finished uni on the 5th of August 2013, my final year project looking at sleep deprivation, sleep restriction and regular sleep came to an end, leaving me with a result of 63% for the module, (2.1 - pretty good result!) I recieved my overall results on the 9th of September 2013, I am graduating with a 2.2 degree (fairly good but not great)..


I missed graduation with all my friends, due to my project not being finished in time, it was unavoidable sadly - equipment breaking and illness. I was incredibly depressed and felt worthless, I didn't deserve to graduate.


Now - today is my turn, I can put on the cap and gown and walk through the cathederal with my head held high! I have made it, I was good enough I AM good enough! This is the best day of my life - my proudest achievement. 3 years (and a bit) ago, I was leaving my mothers home, the car packed with many of my belongings, my bedroom a bomb site, as though I'd left in a hurry! To move into halls of residence at my university, a three year struggle and it has come to this!


Even more than this, I left school with no A*-C grades at GCSE, I had minimal prospects, I wasn't academic, no one ever expected me to achieve all that I have. I dropped out of my first college course half way through.. Did hairdressing and nearly dropped out of that.. My dog died, and I had two choices, one was to continue with no life plan, through depression and allow myself to succumb to my depression.. OR I could actually set out to achieve a dream.. Get to university and study psychology.. That was as far as my dream went, I never anticipated passing my degree, I didn't look past the get to university.. My goals have grown now.. I want to be a clinical neuropsychologist - specialising in sleep disorders.


So, I feel sick nervous and delighted! MY turn has come!!!


Thank you to everyone here who helped me make the decisions I have, I've been a member here for what, 7 years? And each and every person who has responded to any of my threads, thank you for all your support through the years!



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