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Why are you happy with your life?


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In preparation for Thanksgiving, I thought it might be good to list a couple of reasons that we are happy with our lives.


Mine are:


Pursuing a graduate program in a field I love

Have a great job and a fantastic internship

My family is all very close to one another

My sister, who has epilepsy, has not had a seizure in quite a while


I would love to hear other people's!


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I have loving and supportive family and friends, who I can be completely real with.

I can support myself comfortably with a freelance job that gives me ultimate flexibility.

I live in a lovely house that is light and sunny and spacious.

I am fit and healthy.

I live in a great city that is entering summer, with beautiful beaches, tonnes of fantastic restaurants and cafes, etc.

I have lots of great books lined up to read!

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Thankful for:


Family who loves me and supports me.

Boyfriend who loves me and supports me.

Good healthcare.

Reliable car.

Being able to live with my boyfriend in a sizeable apartment.

Very warm apartment even though it's storming outside.

A job that I enjoy for now until I go back to school.

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I have a wonderful husband of almost 8 years

Two great adult children who show me every day that success is not measured in money

Fantastic healthcare that's letting me get a handle on my physical problems

A doctor that listens, and I mean really listens

Two stepsons that show me there's a lot of joy in life


I have a lot of riches where it counts to balance out the stress

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Aw, this is a really sweet post, I like it!


My reasons to be happy are:


I'm getting married to the love of my life in the summer.

We are planning to buy a house and start a family in the near future.

Christmas will soon be here and it's my favourite time of year.

I live with my fiance in a beautiful, old apartment full of glamorous antiques and art.

I am one spoiled pooch! I have everything I could ever ask for and more.

All my dreams have already come true and I have the feeling there's more to come.

I am young, healthy and still have a sense of humour about life!

I am comfortable in my own skin.

I have plenty of hawt sex!

I feel like doors open to me all the time, I feel surrounded by options.

And in general, life is beautiful, even though not always perfect!


- Lolita

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