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My boyfriend of 2 1/2 years dumped me..so sad i don't know how i'm going to live


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I started going out with my ex in 8th grade when i was only 14 and he was 15.

2 1/2 years later he ended it. Which was a month ago. He ended it because i could be very whiney or naggy sometimes during my periods, which led to stupid argruments. We always made up right away though. He said he just couldn't deal with it anymore. And no, there was no other girl involved.

Other than that, our relationship was amazing. We were like best friends. We were always laughing and just having a good time no matter what we did. We were so close that we even farted around each other!!(sorry). He always used to say how different i am than any other girl he's ever known/dated...but in a good way. Every weekend we would have sleepovers, go out to parties, dinner, bowling, the movies, or we would just cuddle and watch movies and eat pizza on rainy days. He is a big football player so he's been extra close to his football team mates lately. I'm wondering if maybe their the reason why he ended it. Because their all single and stupid and i think my ex became one of them. Ugh. All's they do is get drunk and throw parties. His friends don't give a **** about him at the end of the day. Unlike me who has been there for him through thick and thin. That's what he doesn't get.


However, i do admit that i could be naggy and annoying at certain times of the month and i feel bad . I just want another chance so bad it hurts. I told him that i would try really hard and work on trying to control my mood swings when they happened. He said he believes me but he doesn't want to date me yet. He says that we can hangout soon and that "maybe we can try again soon" and that "maybe he'll consider giving us another try and that he'll think about it."

So, that's where we left off 6 days ago via text. But i haven't heard from him since. I've been feeling so anxious, so depressed, so worried, so sick, and just such grief.

I miss him so much that it hurts. Tv shows, movies, holidays, music, stores, the seasons, and restraunts remind me of him and bring back memories. So basically everything brings back memories and makes me think of him I know this sounds cliche but he was just different! He's the funniest person i've ever met and that's why we got along so well. We both had the same sense of humor and we were just so much alike. I know i'm young, i know...but i've never met anybody that i connected to so much and felt so close to him. Which is why i feel torn in apart

We had many mile stones together. We lost our virginity, we celebrated sweet 16's, we both got our licenses, etc. I was just a little teenager when i met him, 14!! And now i'm 17. And i feel so much guilt how i would be naggy and y sometimes. Just wish i could make it up to him and prove that i can change how i act during the certain time of the month.

Has anyone ever experienced a break up like this? If so, please tell me about yours and how you were feeling also!

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Time to make some new memories and forget about this dude. He's at party-land stage and he'll not make a very good boyfriend right now anyway. You stagnate yourself in the few crumbs he gives you that give you false hope. Stop all contact with him now and if he calls you to 'hang out' don't let him hang out with you and have all the benefits of a gf without actually being your boyfriend. You will stagnate yourself from moving on from someone who doesn't want you the way you want them.


You're a young teen, there will be many more boys come in and out of your life (likely) so don't pin all your emotions and (false) hopes on this boy.


In time, what productive ways you use your time and with zero contact from him you will eventually get to the stage of indifference to him. Work on your "mood swings" while single so that when the next guy comes along you won't be torturing him with your PMS. Look into natural remedies at your local health food store and do something other then will-power to fend off the crabbies.


Good luck.

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First of all. It's not your fault. It takes two to have a relationship and it takes two to ruin it.


Second thing. You're young. VERY young. I know this is not what you want to hear but he won't be the last. There are many stories of many people on this site so go read them and you'll see how things are.


Don't hold on to hope. DON'T. Let it go. Forget about this boy and move on. People who hold on to it take months if not years to get over their ex partner. Understand that the same way you want him, he may not want you anymore. He's a human being and he have his needs just like you.


I understand how everything reminds you of him. That's normal and expected. It happens to everyone of us sweetie. But please do yourself a favor and forget about him. Don't hold on to hope...Just don't.

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I would say that anyone who went through a rough breakup, especially when you are the one that didn't want the breakup, went through the same emotions you are feeling right now. Yes, you are young but that doesn't mean your feelings would be any less than someone older going through the same thing. Actually what you are feeling may be a bit more intense considering your body is going through a lot of changes at your age and it seems this was your first real love.

Unfortunately, break ups are a part of life. What you are going through and will continue to go through won't be easy but it is survivable. The main thing for you to do is to keep busy and no matter how hard it may be try and do things that don't remind you of him or the things the two of you did together. Now is the time to build your support network of family and friends. These would be people who are trustworthy and sincere in their desire to help you through this tough time. Coming here will help you too. Many, if not all of us have been through heartbreak that at the time, we thought we couldn't survive. But we are here now to help you and many others like you to get through this.

One thing you must stop doing is blaming yourself for your moods or thinking that that is the main reason he left you. He is a young football player and probably decided that being tied down to one girl isn't something he wants right now. It's a shame that he didn't have the decency to break up with you face to face, but what's done is done. Don't waste your time trying to plan ways to get him back or to fill yourself with false hope that maybe he will wise up and come back to you. Holding onto that will only prolong the healing process. You must move on. You will have your memories and your reminders, but you will notice that in time the feelings of grief you have right now will lessen and you may even be able to think of him and your time together with a smile.

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