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How do I address 2 major relationship conflicts?


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I attend a Tier 4 law school. I chose this school because it is ABA accredited, I got a scholarship, and being a lawyer has been my life long dream. Prior to starting law school, I earned my associates, my bachelors, and an MBA. Since starting law school, I fell in love with a hot student from the nearby community college who has ambitions to attend medical school. But since we've been together, we have had 2 major problems. The first problem was when he asked,"What would you do if I slept with your best friend who lives next door?" She is pretty and very promiscuous, so I considered it possible and said that if it happened then our relationship would end. So he introduced the idea of keeping it a secret. To this day he hasn't apologized because he claims it was a joke.


Now our issue is with Facebook. He is 30 yrs old without any phone, so Facebook on his school computers is his only means of communication with the world. One day he posted a status complaining about the government's investment of funds in his hometown. Many people commented, including his doctor friend whom he idolizes. Whenever the doctor's comments were challenged, my man jumped in and said "this doctor is in his 3rd yr of residency, so he's right." I finally stated that "the government's investment of funds is an economic and political issue that has nothing to do with practicing medicine."So his doctor friend disrespected me, claiming that I'm not very smart because I am attending "grad school" in an underdeveloped town. I retorted that "I have an MBA, so grad school is behind me. This is post-graduate school and a smart doctor would have known that." Since then my man has beenundermining my MBA, claiming that its useless and doesn't secure a good job. How should I address this?

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No phone... community college...30.yrs old?

and wants to boink your neighbor.

Best way to deal.with these conflicts???

Kick his butt to curb and find new bf.


Pretty much all you need to know. Anyone who asks a question like that and then pretends its a joke lacks the maturity to be in an adult relationship.


He's comments about your education are tell tale signs of an inferiority complex. Find a mature relationship.

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Your issue isn't with FB.


Your issue is this model of manhood has no respect for you, your accomplishments, or monogamy.


He's speculating in a way that has your alarm bells ringing.


And he's openly disrespecting your opinions as being not worth listening to.


Ever bitten into a lovely piece of fruit and discovered a worm had taken up residence inside? You got it, that's what he is - a worm dressed up in a shiny wrapper. Once the shiny is stripped, there's nothing of substance there. Dump him on his pointy arrogant head and find someone worthy of you.

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