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Social media / texting


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I'm not sure how I feel about social media these days. I think it maybe kind of ruins dating. Same thing with texting.


I have met a few girls who are really into it and it's like they are never alone bc of it. They'd rather text or whatever else rather than meet up or talk. Almost as if they are easily bored and constantly need to feel connected. Maybe it's an attention thing. I don't know. It's just kind of weird. Some of them can barely carry a conversation in person but they're always communicating other ways. It's like a way to keep tabs on people with out having to care all that much or ask how they are.

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I agree.. it's gone way..beyond.

Sad seeing SOOO many out there glued to their lil toys. I have a cell with a few names. I do NOT live on it nor use it very often. I do text sometimes with a cpl people. Keyword *sometimes*- and my phone is and will remain that..just a phone.

I don't have internet w/e on it and i prefer it that way.


I'll go see mom or go see a friend. My cell is usually in my jacket, not on the table or in my hand. I find it disrespectful. IF you're going to see someone- go to see THEM. Deal with your other friends another time.


Same thing with too much easy access re: online dating, which is again similar. We didnt have internet for MY first 30 yrs. So we met people the 'old fashioned way'. Person to person. Now, int dating is like finding a date 'at your fingertips'.

I think many abuse the system and this has also cause much trouble in many relationships as it's too easy to mess around and mess up something you already have, which was most likely a decent thing- some just never see it or 'try' to work on it.

I look at my grandparents and parents- seeing how they KNOW how to work on it, love properly, respect each other etc.

Today's world is getting way too scary and it's too much. It's a fast paced world and I don't really feel comfortable anymore.

Way too much crap happening, causing problems within relationships way too much. (accusing other's of 'cheating' and/or they ARE actually cheating). C'mon people.. settle down, show proper RESPECT & get it together!

IF you're with someone.. WHY can't you deal with that? Show them.. respect them.. learn to love THEM!

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I'm old school. I don't have a cell phone currently since I haven't needed one. And I do my communication verbally.


There is SO much room for misinterpretation and misunderstanding when you're leaving someone on the other end of text words, in social media or text to cell - to interpret your emotions. IMO, so many arguments and hurt feelings could be avoided by the simple expedient of taking the time to actually CALL and speak, and let someone hear your voice, instead of trying to fill in the blanks left by words.


I've even had issues with emails being misread. And those allow a lot more words to convey thoughts than a typical text.


Social media? Come on now, do I really need an esteem boost by having over 1000 "friends" "following" my daily life, or making comments about my diet, my house, my car, or my husband? Just NO. It's useful to see pics of distant family and friends. But if my friends were a mile away I wouldn't know or care to know this much about them. Some things should just be personal. There's way too much stupid flying around on FB, twitter, and other sites. No thanks.

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