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Dating a somebody who has cheated in past relationships ?


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Long story short I kind of homewrecked. This girl was lonely and her Long distance BF had been negrlecting her for a while, so it seemed as if she had emotionally checked out of the relationship and they had tried to break up but they wanted to have a chat before. they were technically still together though. We had sex 3 days before he came to visit her, even though she knew he was coming. We had sex twice before he came. The first time we had sex she kept screaming his name and we had to stop, coz it was weird.


Anyways, they broke up coz she cheated on him and he didnt want anything to do with that considering they were extremely serious and had met each other's families etc. They had been dating for about 2.5 years.

I heard from a friend that before he was leaving to go back home, she went nuts and tried anything to get back with him. She even claimed she would cut me off as long as he'd talk to her. They even got a tattoo together when he was in town. So, im not really sure if shes over him. She still tries to contact him and say sorry, but shes not trying to get back with him anymore.


But now he's gone almost 2 months and we've been having regular sex and meeting often. We're starting to REALLY REALLY like each other.

As for me, i got out of a 7 yr relationship a year ago, where my girlfriend cheated on me just like how this girl cheated on her ex. This girl is really like my ex too.


Even though i really feel for her and shes a nice girl, im not sure as what to do?

We're both really lonely and dont really have anybody else.


Should i Try to date her ? We have an insane connection and great sex.

Do you'll think she could be completely over him yet?

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no, don't try to date her.

and "nice girl" wont cheat.

"was in a 2.5-year relationship with a girl from USA.

We were college sweethearts and were each other’s first loves and first sexual partners.

I am from Dubai and she was from Oregon. We did a Year and 4 months of long distance."

from your last post -- you were the one cheated on, the one who was in a long distance relationship with her. so what is this post about?

get over her, man.

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