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new friends?


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So after this whole having my wrists messed up by someone i used to be friends with? Things kind of went south...



"back story"

I called a truces with because i got annoyed he constantly asked for money and i stopped talking to him and i was like ok truces because we have mutual friends.... SO at a big party... he ended up messing up both my wrists (out of really no reason) and i just don't tolerate that. I refuse to be friends with him but because we have so many mutual friends i called a truce again... I said I can be civil... that was after he threatened me of making my life miserable after he messed up my wrists. I only did call a truces because I don't want drama and we have way too many mutual friends I don't want people feeling awkward or weird or having to choose a side because after I explain this is really what I guess happened?


I'm trying to be a bigger person regardless because one way or another I know I may run into him. There's a but....


So the friends we mutually share? That I guess by now I should of figured because no one really stood up for me? They are all slowly but surely cutting me out one way or another... I'm not dumb.. I had one friend tell me the guy who messed my wrists up said he cut me out... I'm like what? Cut me out? Honestly that didn't make sense. No logical sense whatsoever.


But basically ever since... not many are talking to me or wanting to invite me anywhere and just saying oh I'm busy with ___ this night. That was only a couple times. It turned into someone I thought I was good friends with saying "I have a date" and from someone else in the group... it was that he was hanging out with the guy who messed up my wrists (and not really a date). So.. I'm now being excluded and pushed aside because of this guy who got violent on me and it kind of sucks and it's hard to realize that people just rather push me out and have him as a friend.


I don't know how to entirely take that. Friends back home say I should have better friends than people who don't stand up for me. It's just hard to make new friends all over and I still have a handful who are talking to me and I hate this. It's like secretly turning into a I side with this person. That's horrible. I don't feel like I did anything and I don't want people to take sides. It's just that everyone is slowly but surely ignoring me now.


Ok, fine I'm still upset that no one stood up for me. I can for myself but it's hard when I'm in pain and have no hands to fight back with... fine I have legs and feet but I don't want to kick someone in the junk.


My thoughts are... how's everyone really just wanting to be around him and basically telling me that they are constantly busy? I don't get it but maybe I do? They have known him longer? Only two people witnessed the incident and I'm not constantly bringing it up but it's spread around here and there what happened. I had to have nearly casts on my wrists and can't hide that and one person to another asking what happened. It's just I'm sad that I feel I have no friends now after what happened. I get maybe it's better to have better friends but this just... I don't know what to think or if I'm being over-reactive? I just think it sucks and I don't want people trying to pick friends or what not... I guess to me it's like why can't we just all get along? Why does it have to be like this? I feel like I didn't do anything but get stuck in something. This sucks. Maybe I did?!


Sorry just rambling tonight.


Thanks for listening.

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