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One or two word replies from a friend

Slim Dog

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Hi all, I've been friends with this girl for about a year, and she never really says anything whenever we text.


She normally starts off the conversation, but whenever I write long messages, I'll only get a 1 word reply or so, and it's kind of annoying. Is there something that I should be doing differently, or is she just kind of shallow? Thanks.


-Keep in mind that we're only friends, and I have no intent of going any further. She also has a boyfriend.

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Can you provide an example of a text conversation?? A lot of messages don't really warrant a long response, or it could be a hassle for her to text long messages especially is she has one of those phones where you have to press a number three times to get a certain letter (I.e flip phones) or a blackberry phone with the small keys.

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If you or both of you at one stage considered each other a romantic interest and it shows in your long messages then she is going to distance herself with closed messages of a few words in which you cannot reply to.

Could be as people have mentioned.

Doe not like sending messages.


Some people get bored of conversation from someone and choose to send closed messages in an attempt to make these certain people not respond back.

To some people friendship can be an easily disposable commodity.

Especially if you can not confront them face to face.


I would not put her responses under the term shallow though.

More along the lines of holds little value in friendship with certain people based on certain things.


Again this is just another possible reason.

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