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Why do I hate her so much??


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Okay, so I'm going to try and make this short. Me and my ex were together 3 years we started out as friends as she was dating this douche bag who happened to be my friend at the time. He was a total he treated her like always talked about her to me and basically hate women on the side. While we were friends I tried helpin her get over him and she would chase him while he kept saying stop stalking me. Anyways a whole year she wouldn't stop she went to go see him for sex, and when I found out I asked her to not speak to him he doesn't want you. Her reply was I never will I feel ashamed. Even though I believed she wasn't she was and that Dec she said she has feelings for me that she even loves me. I didn't know if she did because I liked her the whole time I was happy so I accepted only 4 days after she confesses her love to him basically using me as a rebound . She was 19 I was 25 this as the time I was a player and seeing many women , I asked her if she still loves him and she said yes. So I did my thing because I wasn't going to wait around for her to use me . everyday she would talk to me saying she misses me loves me I told her to see other people because I am and she wouldn't . Seeing how much she changed I believed her and decides to drop all the women and bad friends she was the only girl I loved and she knew my past well. Things were good but when we argued and she was wrong she would manipulate to make me wrong, and I'd find out lies, she would swear on my life and lie. All my friends stopped talking to me because of her and even my mother is on bad terms with me because I said I wanted to marry her. And through this all she's not even supportive all she cares about is herself. she treats me like . She says I'm like her ex she bashes me all the time. I work to make her happy and she's never grateful . I act sweet with her I shower her with love and attention yet she ignores me or accuses me I'm cheating. I'm 30 now and she's 23 so idk if its karma for breaking many hearts or she's too young to be mature. She wont even let me talk to a friend who's a girl yet she can have guy friends saying you have a history of playing girls and cheating. I was so in love with this girl but everything she does makes no sense. She breaks up with me whenever things get rough and she blames it on oh I don't want you to cheat on me ?! What?! I realized that she isn't for me anymore but she won't leave me alone all she wans to do is make me miserable and make me stay . Beggin for me back and trying to play victim , I hate her and I can't believe how much I hate her. Even her friend calls me stupid and not give her a chance I know I always run back to her and give her chances after all the lies and games . but now its hate. And its all a sudden I just don't understand how I'm filled with so much hatred . How can I let the hate go and move on?

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Yup- sounds like typical rebound and i dont think either of you felt 'love'...She has brought on issues of her past relation, onto you now.


Hate.. love.. whatever.. It's ALL feelings you've got, so you have to STOP investing so much energy her way and get away from all this drama.

SHE needs to get herself together and grow up a bit. She's playing everyone & their emotions. Guilt etc.


Best for you to ignore her, do not react to her.. dont reply to her contacts. Show NO interest. It's bound to die down.

Never give up your friends for a gf- that's their control. You had a life before they showed up.

They can learn to accept it.


She's toxic for you.. get away from it and work on healing from her crap she's been handing you. She has many issues.

She needs to back off and deal with her issues.. her past.. her break ups.. etc.



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