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What is the point in taking the high road?


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What mhowe said although I do think it's acceptable to tell friends and family your side with just the straight facts, no BS or emotions. I also don't think anything is gained by staying silent if someone else has done something very bad to your or others--i.e. when my ex left and starting badmouthing me to friends I did speak up and tell them I'd broken things off, because I discovered he'd been cheating on me. I didn't go on about it, I just gave them the facts. My friends stayed my friends for the most part except for one. And that person wasn't a great friend to begin with so no love lost there.


Taking the high road doesn't mean you don't stand up for yourself or speak out, it just means you don't do anything mean or underhanded. Also if you keep finding this to be a problem then take it as a sign you need to hang with a better class of people to begin with. Cheaters and backstabbers are going to take each others' side, but why are you hanging out with these types of people to begin with?

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