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Would she avoid me is she felt I didn't like her anymore? or did she move on?


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She was really into me at first and we hung out a couple times, she was the more forward one with me. Things were kind of hot and cold for a while but we would still talk/flirt briefly when we would see each other. At the end of one week she playfully elbowed my arm and said hey and we started talking some more. I took it as a sign that I should try and set up plans with her so I texted her over the weekend asking her work schedule because we planned on going to an event together the following weekend. I didn't get a reply from her so I thought maybe she wasn't interested anymore. The following week she came up to me and tried being friendly and a little flirty, but I had a lot of stressful issues with work so I didn't feel like interacting much. I also had to leave town for a couple days so I didn't see her like usual because she works at my local gym. I never heard anything from her in the meantime so I went to the event with friends.


It's been three weeks now and I still see her but neither of us talks to one another. I have had a lot of other things to worry about recently so I'm not upset if she doesn't like me anymore. I don't know if it's because I came off as not caring that one day or if she found someone else. I'm quiet and not really confrontational but I want to at least be at least friendly with her again. I can see her looking at me at the gym a few times, it's kind of weird because we used to talk and approach one another a couple times a week.


Does she think I hate her? What do you think she would like me to do?


I still like her but I won't pursue her if she doesn't like me anymore.

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