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New relationship advice


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Hello everyone, i'm new around here and searching for some advices...


So I've been interested with this girl for about 1 month, we went to the restaurant, walking, we talked...


I hadn't been with a girl for six years (i'm 27), so didn't want to push things to quickly, take the time to know her and see if she was interested.


It seemed to be the case. We planned the evening for ourselves last Monday, she invited me to her place first to eat and we went to see a movie afterwards. We went back to her place, we kissed (I was awfully nervous to go for it, but was a bit more relaxed afterwards, she probably felt it) and I went back home at some point later that night (I live about 500y from her). We didn't really talk in the last hour, just that we talked to each other the next day when saying goodbye.


We texted a bit since then, but she seems a bit more distant than previously (we used to text each other a dozen each day).


She mentioned previsouly to our "date" that she was feeling a bit ill but nothing really bad, so we met anyway. It seems like it got a little worse since then, so illness and a lot of work on her part has got in the way. I work quite a lot myself so I'm not worried to wait a few days to see her, she is a great girl, i've waited quite a long time for various reason, so I'm not in a hurry.


My problem is that I don't quite know on which foot to dance. I'd like to talk to her about all of that to know her point of view, but don't know if it is good timing. Either her interest for me isn't there anymore, either she just want to take things slow combined to work and illness.


Thanks in advance.

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