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Why do all women ignore nice quiet guys like myself?


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Why don't the 2 of you just hang it on your walls and webcam each other. You're about the only 2 people around that feel that way.


You're so embittered about the advantages women have. Why not have a sex change and join them?


Blue Spiral as state often on this site that he is not someone who does relationships. Which is good. He is self-aware to not intentionally or unintentionally lead a woman on to think a relationship is down the road. He seems to find the very idea of a long-term attachment to another person ridiculous. He is happy with his solitary life.


The OP on the other hand is not self aware at all. The fact the woman are able to choose, that they have freedom and will power, offends him. Women should od what he wants, when he wants, because he is a "nice" guy.

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I'm through with this now the only person on this thread who understood where I was coming from was Blue Spiral so I thank him for his insightful comments.

Sorry to lead you on. Your post seemed to indicate that you wanted help, and it is clear that all you want to do is rail against any advice you're given.

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I'm through with this now the only person on this thread who understood was Blue Spiral so I thank him for his insightful comments.


You are so focused on seeing all the wrong doings, that you don't even pick up when someone is trying to understand you. I have not critizised you, but just tried to lend you an ear ... but that doesn't count somehow.


And here I thought it was enough to be nice to be noticed and appreciated for.

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OP, I'm not sure if you are still reading, but I think that the kind of person you'd be compatible with is another quiet polite person, one who does not have more confidence than you. Given those characteristics (both quiet and not a lot of confidence) you each have a greater challenge than many folks in being able to meet each other. My suggestion would be to seek out places those type of women might congregate, and work on getting to know some of them, help them feel comfortable and confident with you. I think women like being with someone at least as confident as they are, it helps them feel comfortable in a relationship. Confidence can be relative, and can differ for different people in different situations. You may have confidence in some areas of your life already, it may be a quiet confidence, which is appealing.

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already posted this video on the last thread made by a guy who complained about not getting any girls even though he's SO NICE. but here I go again. I mean I know you aren't even listening to any advice people give you, especially when the advice comes from women but hey can't blame me for still trying... I'm just that NICE!


-- jenna marbles on "nice guys"


-- the part you should really pay attention to starts at 01:35

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I had the same thought actually haha. Hard to believe someone can be like that for real.. it's like he's enjoying getting a rise out of people and doing it on purpose!



Oh, well then it must have been my ex. Though he would never refer to himself as a nice guy incapable of attracting women. I dated God's gift, doncha know.


To the ladies who shared the good wine with me last night, hope you are having a great day today!

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