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How far did I go?


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I'd really just like some feedback on this situation...


A lot has changed in the last year... I've become a Christian, met a girl who I really think might be the one, and it's as if I'm a new person.


But now, I'm really regretting a decision I made last year. Under a lot of peer pressure, as well as some (but not a lot of) pressure from my then-girlfriend, we had "outercourse" or non-penetrative sex. She wanted to go all the way, but I wouldn't... I wasn't ready to have sex yet, as I was still a virgin...


That was my mindset then. Now, I look back (quite shamefully) and to be honest I don't really consider myself a virgin anymore. But, I haven't had sexual intercourse, which is what most define as "sex," right?


In talking about our pasts with my current girlfriend, I obviously didn't want to go into too much detail. I explained that while I hadn't actually had sex, I did cross a line that I really regret. She was fine with that answer, and in fact we were both very happy and liberated to have that out in the open. But now I'm wondering if that was an accurate statement on my part, or if I misled her.


I'm just curious what your thoughts are. Do I need to bring this up again, so as not to have misled her? Or, am I being too critical?




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It doesn't sound as though you misled her. You were open and honest. Those are vital things in a relationship. Your GF accepted your explanation and she doesn't see that as a problem.


I am a fellow Christian, probably a good deal older than you. All I can tell you is, we all fall short from time to time. I know I have. We are not perfect.

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