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I'm going to die soon


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Puppy......There's people here for you.....people who have faced this with friends and family members....


I've dealt with this recently in the hardest of ways.........


I'm here if ya want to talk......


Going thru with this won't help anyone.....

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puppyturtle - please stay here with us.


I know you must feel so sad and down, but I can assure you, there are SO many people who love you, care about you, and would do anything to help you if you open up and talk about it.


You have the strength to get through this. Life will get better. I promise you that.


We are all sending you a big hug of support. You will be happy again if you work through this.


Please call a crisis hotline and talk to someone right now.

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Puppy- You know that tomorrow is another day. Every day is different. You don't know what tomorrow will bring. And it's very possible you'll see sunshine in your life. You just don't know it- and If you go and try this, you won't be able to see what GOOD, life has in store for you...


I know you've got that curiosity in you. You do realize No One is perfect. No one has a perfect Life.

Although we may all think everyone else has it so good, they don't. We're all struggling with something.. so You're not alone, okay.


Go through this battle with us.. don't do this, where you won't be able to see the lights in your life.

Many DO love you and you know this. There's just some things that get to you, I understand, I've been there.

I understand those lows and frustrations etc. It is NOT easy.


So- how about you start putting in on here, so we can understand and work on helping YOU?

Go ahead... let us know, you're not alone, ok.


Talk to us Puppy......

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