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New outlook twards dating.


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so i haven't been dating for at lease 2 weeks now, starting to stay away from that world for the time being, and starting to focus on myself however i realized that the more i set myself with this mindset they all seem to come naturally to me. even some of the people that dumped me that ive gone NC for quite some time calls me constantly, and are asking me out O..o



well not to brag any further but my point is, that one of those girls i use to really like, and i cant deny that i still like her, we never had sex ive kissed her once, i was very careful on the days that i dated her, she made me afraid back then to lose her so i was acting weirdly out of my comfort zone.


but now we are just friends and to be honest i dont feel like i want to be her boyfriend, but she is showing some signs that she is in to me now unlike before, I dont really know why probably my new lifestyle has something to do with it. we are going out this Thursday for cinema and some work related stuff.



the odd thing is that my bro has this fetish with his GF, and they want to do it on the cinima, i playfully told my friend that if she want we can do it too with them, and she optimistically said YES! lets have sex! and she was serious about it!.. i dont know what to feel, kinda excited i gues but at the same time confused.

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I doubt you don't want to be her boyfriend. If you are bringing up sex as a possible activity, even "playfully", that changes the relationship. I don't joke about that stuff with my male or female friends. Never.


You brought that up because you still want to be physical with her. Not friends.


Now you either focus on this new lifestyle you talk about or you can go back to letting her heart get hurt.

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