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So my ex has gone to my friends to get her parking permit...


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My ex has gone to my friends house to get her parking permit back because i didnt want to see her after she got with my friend 4 days after dumping me after a year relationship... Anyways she has gone round and my friends told me she is saying lots of nasty things about me saying im selfish and never paid for anything... she did it off her own back when she bought gifts etc... and in terms of paying for things wed make a scene in what ever place we was in because Id try to beat her to putting my bank card in because she never let me pay for anything... Now shes in my group of friends and has done what shes done all my friends dont like her but shes going around telling them all these nasty things and i really feel like shes just going to completely ruin my life and take all my friends awa as well as braking my heart.... I dont know what to do.....im shaking with anger....

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