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Do you think I'm pregnant?


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Hi All!


Me and my hubby really wants to have a baby. A week before my period, i am experiencing cramps, breast sensitivity which is very similar to having a period. For 1 week i am cramping (it will come and go). Now, my period should have came two days ago, Nov 16. I keep track of my period and I am usually regular.


I am also experiencing cravings for the same food every day like pho noodles (and I hate chicken now). Usually I am craving for chocolate when my period is coming. I also feel so tired always and just wanna sleep all day, super moody than the usual (my hubby calls it "y mode on"). I have a terrible acne breakouts! urgh. I am always bloated or constipated.


When is the best time to do the pregnancy test to make sure the result is accurate?

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I wont say it is pregnancy. being cpl days late could be reasons of stress?

I dont think you'd experience these differences so fast, even if prego, since you'd only be weeks on, if you are.

Breast sensetivity is normal also during times of when period is due.


Who knows? go for a test.. let us know soon!

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Unfortunatley after you ovulate there is a surge in progesterone which causes all the PMS type symptoms and symptoms similar to pregnancy.


I'm trying to conceive too and the symptoms I felt the first time I was pregnant were similar to PMS...achey boobs etc. Sometimes I think if you focus too much on symptoms you almost make yourself feel them.


Good luck! I hope it's a positive test for you


First response early response are my favourite test to use and they can pick up a positive from around 9 days past ovulation. Which is around 5 days before your expected period.


However personally I test the day of my expected period as thats when they are most accurate.

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