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He won't quit dealing drugs.


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First, let me say I love this guy more than anything, I've never gotten alone better and been more compatible with another person in my life. We both had a bad drug problem over a year ago and I got my life together while he was in prison. I was doing so good. When he got out we broke up because I had cheated on him while he was in prison. I had never been more upset in my life. Well now he won't quit the lifestyle we used to have and we have been back together for 6 months. He says he wants to get married and everything. But he is bringing me back down. I am being late for work and calling off, totally not being the person I was. HE WILL NOT get a job, despite his lies that say he Is trying. It is so hard because I love him so much I just don't know what to do its killing me.

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first of all - there are too many red flags in this for me - you cheated, he was in prison, he is still on drugs and he has no job, he lies to you.

you got better while you were away from him - why you went back to a person like that?

and I know love and everything - I loved my abusive drug-addicted ex too, but I am so glad I left him, even though it took me a lot to be finally ok.

I also asked my guy to quit - he never did. not for me, not for his parents, not for the next girl he had after me, not even for himself.

he will never do it for you, especially if we talk about drugs. and if he has no desire to get a normal life - you should never be the one dragging him through it.

you made it clear that you changed and you want him to be clear - he doesn't give a sh*t about it. so move on, get back with your life before you go back to drugs with that guy, seriously.

if he goes to rehab, gets a jobs and becomes a decent man - he can try to win you back, but only after that. good luck.

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