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Need your input.


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So it's been about 3 weeks since the breakup, of on/off hanging out now we finally went cold turkey.


First week or 2 we hungout, still kissed etc. etc. I am the dumpee.


As time went on though it frustrated me and i opted for no contact. She contacted me after 4 days, we hungout, then went back to no contact.



We haven't talked or had a real conversation in about 2 weeks.



When she broke up with me her excuse was "I dont want a boyfriend"

Yeah i know probably bull



I got the whole we can work in the future and maybe i'm doing this for that.


She was all nice the first 2 weeks and I tried to talk to her recently but she wasn't having any of it, she also deleted all our pics of our social networking site including some with family etc.


Why the drastic change?


I never did anything to this girl to make her pissed off at me.


There is also a big chance she saw me driving by with another female in the car ( what are the chances ), Could that be her reason? Any input would be great. Should I stay NC?

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She's probably deleted your pics off her Facebook because she doesn't want other guys to think she's got a boyfriend.


I'd assume she's done using you to hold her hand after the breakup (that's what all that *hanging out* was about the few weeks after the breakup) and now she's ready to start looking for a new boyfriend.


She's been taking advantage of your feelings for her -- using you as a safety net to get her through the breakup. Now she doesn't "need" you anymore, so she's gone cold. This is standard dumper behavior.


I suggest you now START going No Contact, as what you've been doing until now is basically being available to her anytime she pleases. Here's a great guide to help you: link removed


Good luck and keep posting!

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Yes, everything Sharky has explained ^^.


She's walked off.. time for YOU to work on 'accepting' and dealing with your emotions. It isn't easy...

Less contact the better. Try NOT to contact her or find her anywhere.


Time to focus on YOU again.. healing and in time this will get better. It was her choice.. leave her to it.


One day at a time.. stick around



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She is not mad at you, she is just truly done with you. When people are done with someone, removing their things, pics, etc is normal behavior. It's time for you to accept that this is over and do your own moving on. Also, going forward, do yourself a huge favor and just go no contact from the get go. Block, delete, get away from whatever means of contact, do not ever again look on their FB page, etc. Ripping off the band-aid fast really does hurt less in the end and lets you heal and move on faster.

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